30 years supporting P-Patches | PCC Natural Markets

Steve Mitchell & daughter
The Linden Orchard P-Patch at N. 67th and Linden Ave. N. gets a helping hand from PCC Fremont Assistant Store Director Steve Mitchell and daughter Emma.

30 years supporting P-Patches

Sound Consumer | July 2003

(July 2003) — It was 1973 when Seattle's P-Patch program began, thanks largely to a PCC member Darlyn Rundberg, who is credited generally with making the P-Patch program "happen." PCC also administered the P-Patch program that first year.

Today, PCC still helps support the P-Patches, such as the Linden Orchard in the north Fremont neighborhood. This one-third-acre property belonged to the Stein homesteading family and served as their apple orchard. It was purchased with Pro-Parks money through the Seattle Parks Department and is now a community garden.

PCC Fremont Assistant Store Director Steve Mitchell lives down the alley from Linden and has been active in Linden's development. He has arranged for PCC to donate coffee, juice and water for work parties on the P-Patch and park.

Sustainability is an important feature at Linden Orchard. Stored rainwater will be used to supplement irrigation. The tool shed is created from cob, an ancient art of earthen construction. The garden will feature fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, loganberries and other edible landscape plants.