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July 2003

Celebrating 50 years logo -- cover artwork for the June 2003 Sound Consumer.

Celebrating 50 years

by Alicia Lundquist Guy

This month we celebrate 50 years of PCC history. It's a time to reflect on our roots, appreciate the journey, laugh at some of the struggles we have overcome and congratulate each other for being a part of it.

Pictorial history of PCC

Images of PCC's history from the July Sound Consumer including past events, store pictures, and many wonderful memories.

Jody Aliesan at the original Ravenna PCC in 1976.

Local organic farmers and PCC


by Jody Aliesan, Farmland Fund Director

When I first started working at PCC thirty years ago, one of a staff of twelve, our only store was on N.E. 65th Street in Seattle. At that time we were virtually the only retailer in the Seattle area providing organic produce. Dungeness Organic Produce organic farm saved by the PCC Farmland Fund is also profiled.

30 years supporting P-Patches

It was 1973 when Seattle's P-Patch program began, thanks largely to a PCC member Darlyn Rundberg, who is credited generally with making the P-Patch program "happen." PCC also administered the P-Patch program that first year.

PCC Farmland Fund logo

In Praise of Fertile Land: new anthology benefits the Farmland Fund

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

This month: Whit Press has donated 1,000 copies of the book In Praise of Fertile Land to the Farmland Fund, poem "Girl on a Tractor," Farmland Fund Highlghts, and the donor roster for May 1 — 31, 2003.


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