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December 2002

Was it something I ate?

by Rebecca N. Schiller, MSc

It's easy to gain a few pounds over the holidays and it's tempting to blame certain foods. As you navigate the holiday feasts, keep in mind this straight talk from a nutritionist to cut through the clutter of diets and dismay.

Natural gift ideas

Aromatherapy gift ideas and organic fiber products.

Here are a few recipes for salts, oils, and sprays to create a custom bath basket. And when you're shopping for t-shirts, linens or other textiles during the holidays (or anytime), think organic!

Easy tips to staying healthy through the holidays

by Dr. Susan Jones, N.D.

The winter months are full of holiday plans, family gatherings, travel obligations, festivities, and life on the go. With the weather turning colder, attending holiday parties and increased amounts of stress can result in frequent colds and flus. Improving the function of your immune system and taking the time to care for yourself will help prevent illness. With these simple steps, you can stay healthy and enjoy the holiday season.

Gifts to the land and all its creatures — including ourselves

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

Gifts to buy and ways to donate to the Farmland Fund during this holiday season, plus Farmland Fund Highlights and the Donor Roster for October 1 – 31, 2002.