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Letters to editor
Sound Consumer | October 2002

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Back issue?

I think the Sound Consumer is a wonderful and informative newsletter. I unfortunately recycled an issue with an article by Walter Crinnion, N.D., which I had meant to keep. Can you mail me the Sound Consumer which contains the article by this doctor? It was concerning toxins in foods and how to protect our children.
— Anne Cotter Moses

Editor: Anne, since you have Web access, use PCC's website to find out-of-print articles from the Sound Consumer. Go to www.pccnaturalmarkets.com, click on the Sound Consumer icon, then on the "Archives" tab, and search by topic or key words. I use it all the time!

[Webmaster note: You can access our search feature on any page, not just the Sound Consumer archives. It's always located in the upper left corner.]

Shopping habits

I am not a member. I do shop at your Fremont store a little bit because I am in Fremont once a week, but usually just for lunch stuff. The main reason I don't shop more at PCC is because there is not a store in my general vicinity. The secondary reason is the membership fee.

Because I live in north Shoreline, I shop Central Market or Manna Mills, mainly. I also shop at Whole Foods in Roosevelt on infrequent occasions when I have to drive into Seattle. Also, we support farmer's markets quite a lot in the summer. Otherwise we grow our own produce during the months it is possible.

My favorite natural food/socially responsible grocery stores are Manna Mills (Mountlake Terrace) and Whole Foods (Roosevelt). I find myself at Shoreline's Central Market quite a lot because of its location and selection.

By the way, Central Market's pricing and quality of organic produce rates dead last when compared to farmer's markets, Whole Foods, PCC, and Manna Mills. I shop there because they offer canned goods, frozen foods, paper and laundry products and bulk foods (they rate fairly high in the bulk food category, offering organic rice, grains, pastas, etc.). I put up with the poor produce at high prices strictly for reasons of convenience.

If there was a PCC located near me, say near downtown Edmonds or 185th and Aurora, I'd probably be a steadfast customer, regardless of the membership cost.

Even though I am not a big customer of PCC, I wish you every success.
— Darrel Weiss, Shoreline