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September 2002

The changing face of organic foods

by Cameron Woodworth

As an activist promoting organic foods for the better part of a decade, I have a bias to confess: I've always been excited by the explosive growth of the organic market. The numbers reveal that I've certainly been getting my wish: Back in 1990, the organic food market was a sleepy industry with sales of about $1 billion. Today, sales are fast-approaching $10 billion per year, and now everyone wants to get into the act.

Plantation worker on the Dole Banana Plantation in Ecuador

Organic bananas and the changing marketplace

by Denny Gibson, PCC Greenlake Produce Journeyman

Of all the fruits and vegetables bought by American consumers, bananas are number one. As an industry, bananas also reflect some issues in the organic movement as a whole. PCC Greenlake Produce Journeyman, Denny Gibson, visited two banana plantations in Ecuador — the world's largest banana producer — to learn more.

Sheila Dunn-Merritt, N.D.

Natural HRT — a spectrum of choices (part 2)


by Dr. Sheila Dunn-Merritt, N.D.

Millions of menopausal women are searching for alternatives to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Since the Women's Health Initiative (a nine-year study of HRT) revealed the long-term risks outweigh the benefits, women are calling to know more about non-synthetic hormonal alternatives.

Celebrate Organic Harvest: help save threatened farmland

Honor organic farming during September and then extend the festivities into October by enjoying Western Washington's Harvest Celebration Day. Harvest Day falls on Saturday, October 5 this year, with events in twelve participating counties. See also in this article: ShoreBank Pacific $100,000 loan, OGC/Ladybug Produce supports the Farmland Fund, Farmland Fund Highlights and the Donor Roster for July 1 – 31, 2002.


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