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August 2002

The changing face of Washington agriculture

by Bonnie Rice

Picture a food and farming system that honors and builds strong relationships between farmers, farm workers, and communities. Where food is celebrated as an important and valued part of our culture ... Impossible? No. Article includes a list of groups and organizations committed to making our agricultural system more sustainable.

Organic vegetables - 'Organic does it better,' August 2002 Sound Consumer

Organic does it better — A scientific breakthrough

by Trudy Bialic

The longest and most comprehensive study ever to compare organic and conventional farming shows organic does it better. Organic methods are more energy efficient, kinder to the environment, and nearly as productive as regular farms for some crops.

Sheila Dunn-Merritt, N.D.

HRT — What should I do now?


by Dr. Sheila Dunn-Merritt, N.D.

Since the landmark study investigating long-term Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on menopausal women was stopped abruptly, my office has been flooded with calls from concerned women. The research making headlines cites, "significant health risks with HRT, including breast cancer, stroke, heart attack, and blood clots."

Bullitt grant match update: dollars are in, new donors to go

Thanks to leadership gifts from two anonymous donors, individual supporters of the Farmland Fund have more than matched the Bullitt Foundation's $25,000 challenge. See also in this article: Annie's Home-grown and Diamond Carpet Cleaning support the Farmland Fund, and Donor List for June 1 – 30, 2002.


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