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December 2001

100 thoughtful ways to light up the season

by Rita Overton, Guest Editor

This holiday season may be the most somber that many of us can remember, in light of world events and economic unease. People are living more deliberately and carefully, embracing the fellowship of mankind in a more pressing manner, giving more freely, enjoying their friends and family. Celebrate the season with camaraderie, hope and light. Here are our 100 ways to light up the season:

The best gift for the hungry: food

by Nancy Gagnat, Cash for the Hungry Coordinator

Giving anonymously is a great way to add light to your own life while shining that light into someone else's as well. This is the time of year when the gift of food is given to families, friends, and business acquaintances. Gifts of food are also given to those in need, and this year finds that need is even greater.

Value and values: What do you really want to give?

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

Gifts are meant to delight those who receive them. Ideally they combine what people recognize they would want for themselves with the surprise and reminder that we know the recipient well enough to guess what that might be.

Bulk organic teas now Fair Trade certified

Look for new labels on PCC's bulk organic teas indicating they are Fair Trade certified. Granum, Inc., a Seattle tea importer and manufacturer of Choice Organic Teas, announced that its loose leaf Earl Grey, Black FOP India, Gunpowder Green, Green Moroccan Mint and Jasmine Green teas are now Fair Trade certified.