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Sound Consumer | September 2001

Great second quarter sales

PCC management is reporting great financial news for the co-op. Sales are up significantly over last year, for the second quarter in a row.

Chief Financial Officer Randy Lee says sales for the first six months of 2001 totaled $33.2 million, reflecting a 5.7 percent increase over the same period in 2000. The increase is a dramatic turnaround from last year's large losses and is even more impressive because it represents the work of seven stores this year compared to eight stores last year.

Lee and PCC's Chief Executive Officer Tracy Wolpert say the increase in sales is due to a combination of factors. "Each and every one of our stores has made steady, continual improvements in performance. Our Issaquah store continues to grow nicely, while our three North end stores have captured and kept the vast majority of shoppers who formerly patronized the closed Ravenna store. There's also very pleasing growth at Seward Park and West Seattle."

"Our staff has worked hard on improving services for our customers, providing the highest quality products, and on delivering a satisfying shopping experience. It shows in how our stores look and feel."

Both Wolpert and Lee are optimistic the coming quarters will maintain and build on the gains and improvements made in the first half.

Membership meeting scheduled

The board of trustees invites all PCC members to attend a membership meeting to discuss the state of the Co-op. The meeting is the promised follow-up to the spirited discussion that occurred at the yearly meeting in April. The board and management will use this meeting as another way to gauge the sentiments of co-op members.

This meeting seeks to refresh the ways in which member/owners can interact and communicate with the board, staff, and management. Please come, join us and bring your opinions. The meeting will be held on Sunday, September 16th at University Heights Center in Seattle, between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.

We encourage all members to come and tell us about the good things the co-op is doing and also voice any concerns about the co-op's direction. Board members and management will be there to hear what matters to you. Come join this Sunday discussion. Refreshments will be made available. Your opinions matter to us so please plan on attending.

How to get there: University Heights Center is located at 5031 University Way NE in the University District of Seattle. There is parking on-site, as well as limited street parking. The Center is on the following bus routes: on University Way NE: 71, 72, 73; on 15th Avenue NE: 48, 271; along/to NE 45th Street: 7, 9, 25, 44. Call 206-287-8463 for recorded bus time information.

How to contact us: E-mail

West Seattle remodel

West Seattle PCC

The PCC West Seattle store is getting a fresh, new look. A remodel is underway. The store is getting new flooring and new bulk bins. Customers also will notice that the deli and meat departments are expanding. When that's done, the outside entrance will be improved.

New CEO for our co-op

PCC's Board of Trustees is pleased to announce Tracy Wolpert as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

The Board says it has been very happy with the direction and leadership provided by Tracy since he joined PCC in February 2000 as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Tracy and Randy Lee, our Chief Financial Officer, have worked as partner co-CEOs over the past eight months and have done an outstanding job in guiding PCC to sharply increased sales and profitability this year over last. Tracy says he and Randy will continue to work closely together as they have in the past and don't foresee any change in the co-op's direction. Tracy's former position as COO will not be filled.

Tracy has an extensive management background in the grocery industry. He held many positions in operations, merchandising, and procurement at Von's in California and was Vice President and General Manager for Big Bear Supermarkets in Ohio.

Tracy says he's glad to be back on the West coast where he has family. He lives in Issaquah with his wife Linda, daughter Ashley, and son James.

July board meeting report

The board met July 31 with a full agenda. Jody Aliesan of the PCC Farmland Fund gave a presentation on the Fund's activities. PCC's attorney also gave a presentation to the board on the legal responsibilities of boards. Six consumer members attended the meeting to observe the board and also to speak on a number of topics including the Ravenna closing and board process.

The bulk of the meeting was spent reviewing operational results and plans and approving funds for some needed capital improvements at the West Seattle store. In addition, the board decided to review all proposals for use of the Ravenna site before meeting with the neighborhood. This review resulted in a September meeting rather than one in August.

The board also discussed briefly the work of several of its task forces, including membership linkage, board development, and the CEO search.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25 at 5 p.m. at the PCC offices, 4201 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, with time set aside at 7 p.m. for members to address the board. Please contact the board administrator at 206-547-1222 if you are interested in attending.

Ravenna store site meeting scheduled

PCC has scheduled a meeting for interested PCC Ravenna neighbors and friends to review proposals for the old Ravenna store site on:

  • Tuesday, October 9, at 7 p.m.
    at the old Ravenna PCC store building
    6504 20th Avenue NE, Seattle

Management has spent the summer collecting and reviewing proposals for use of the site. As was explained to those at the member/neighbor meetings after the store closed, that process included engaging a realtor to help generate proposals.

This meeting with neighbors is now firm. The board decided to review all proposals for the site before holding the neighborhood meeting. Please feel free to call the board administrator at 206-547-1222 if you have any questions.

Bag reuse donation report

Every time we use any full-size bag to carry our groceries home, one cent each is donated to the Farmland Fund and to Cash for the Hungry, PCC's program with local food banks. This applies to paper, plastic, and cloth bags, backpacks, wheeled carts, whatever conserves resources.

As of July 31, $4,940 has been raised in 2001 through reuse of our bags, $2,470 each to Cash for the Hungry and the Farmland Fund. If you need a durable cloth bag good for continual reuse, PCC carries a sturdy one made of cotton canvas and marked with our logo.