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September 2001

The war against organics

by Cameron Woodworth

If you follow the national news, you may have noticed an increase in the number of attacks against organic foods lately. ABC's "20/20" program twice has featured a segment with the outlandish idea that buying organic food could kill you.

Genetic engineering myths debunked

by Cameron Woodworth

It has been only six years since the first genetically engineered foods were introduced to the American public. Already, approximately two-thirds of the food on the shelves of the average American supermarket today are genetically engineered (GE), or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Biotech companies, in an obvious attempt to win over an increasingly wary public, make a number of boasts about the genetically engineered foods they produce. Do these promises hold up? Let's take a look.

Herbicides, water quality and what you can do

While industrial polluters may be the biggest culprits in contaminating our waterways, another large source of poisons in the Puget Sound watershed is runoff from individual lawns and gardens ... This fall, PCC Natural Markets is collaborating with local environmental groups and our vendor, Tom's of Maine, to improve the health of our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Together, we're involved in five events. Join us to protect our watersheds.

Poll of American voters: 69 percent concerned about loss of farmland

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

According to a new poll released by the American Farmland Trust, 69 percent of American voters are concerned about loss of farmland to development. Also in this article: October Farm Day, Farm Bill 2002 now in U.S. House of Representatives, Seeds of Change drawing winners and the Betty Hughes Member Challenge.