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Letters to editor
Sound Consumer | July 2001

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More on value of membership

I haven't written a letter to the Editor in years, but I felt led to respond to your cogent response to Caralyn Haglund's letter in the June issue. What you wrote in response to her lament about only saving around 38 cents really hit home to me, and reminded me why I'm a PCC member and have been for many years. I was even a member of the Berk I think a lot of us take fo eley Co-op, way back when!

r granted the values that we cherish, and which PCC stands for and represents for us. I go shopping there and have a vast array of beautiful, organic produce and other products, and I can feel secure in knowing that the products PCC carries are largely much more healthy and representative of the way that I want to eat. Moreover, I know the ideals that I hold dear are represented by PCC. One cannot put a price tag on that. I know that I speak for a large number of members, who also feel as I do. So keep up the good work, and thank you for being there. Without PCC, it would be much, much more difficult to be able to make the food choices I do, which I value so much.
— Donna Koss

To all employees of PCC

I would like to offer a hearty thank you! Since I became toxic about six months ago and began shopping PCC exclusively, I have met with kindness, hospitality, and sincere willingness to help every time I have been in.

Dave [at Issaquah] once made me an omelet at 7 in the morning when I didn't realize what time breakfast started. Above and beyond the call of duty — thank you. Whatever section of the store that I'm in, the person in charge of that area has always been right there to answer questions, help locate products or just inquire about my day. Thank you!
— Name withheld on request


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