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Cafe & owners
Cafe Ambrosia, and owners Francis and Carol Sue James.

Café Ambrosia: Elegant vegetarian cuisine on the shores of Lake Washington

Sound Consumer | June 2001

by Francis and Carol Sue Janes, owners

Café Ambrosia
2501 Fairview Avenue E
Telephone: 206-325-7111

Café Ambrosia considers itself an ally of PCC and the Farmland Fund in our mutual concerns about organic agriculture, the environment, your health, and the welfare of animals. As a membership-based cooperative, PCC is an example of a successful business based on positive values where people can vote with their dollars for the kind of future they want for future generations. Café Ambrosia is also part of this sustainable and ethical business paradigm.

We enjoy serving PCC members, who receive a 10 percent discount at any time, except during special fundraising events. During June, we'll contribute one dollar to the Farmland Fund for every PCC member who dines with us. We look forward to providing an exceptionally memorable experience on Summer Solstice, June 21, when we'll be privileged to honor local organic farmers with a gourmet four-course dinner to benefit the Farmland Fund.

Our staff wants to be here; they are proud of their work and believe in our mission. We care about you as though you were coming into our home. We've designed our lobby to remind you of a living room where you will be well-treated as a friend in a relaxed, safe setting. We intend the pace of our servers and our choice of background music to communicate that we are people getting pleasure from giving pleasure.

Our guests enjoy a leisurely stay at both lunch and dinner. Café Ambrosia is a place to visit for its own sake without scheduling something afterwards. Guests have come purposely from Portland, Whidbey Island, Gig Harbor, Alaska, California, New York, New Jersey, Colorado and Connecticut. Some have said, "We don't eat in restaurants because we don't trust their food. You're an exception," "This is the one place we feel safe and comfortable," and "We prayed for a place like this."

Our commitment to organic ingredients comes from respect for the sources of our food, the value of human health — a cost never figured into the price of conventionally-raised foods — and the understanding that our food choices have a profound and significant effect on our health, the health of our planet and all its creatures. Our choices influence the world in all directions.

We are also committed to organics for the sake of taste! The top chefs use organic foods because they know that these ingredients provide the best possible dining experience with flavor, richness, and depth. We would be honored to have PCC members dine with us during the month of June — and especially on Summer Solstice — as we work together to build a brighter future for all of us.

For more information about the Summer Solstice benefit event, click here for the June Sound Consumer, Farmland Fund page.


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