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May 2001

Copper River Salmon

Sustainable Seafood

by Trudy Bialic, Sound Consumer Editor

The Copper River fishing season opens May 13, an occasion that brings out promotional banners on grocery stores everywhere. You'll see shoppers lined up some places, eager to pay $20 or more for a pound of King Salmon from this mighty Alaskan river. What's the fuss about? Are these Copper River fish really better?

Pesticides and salmon don't mix

by Erika Schreder, M.S., Staff Scientist, Washington Toxics Coalition

When a homeowner uses weedkiller to kill dandelions, when highway departments spray roadside vegetation, or when farmers apply insecticides to kill insect pests, the result is often that toxic pesticides find their way to our waterways. The evidence is strong that this contamination is causing harm.

Fair trade tea and coffee: changing the world one cup at a time

TransFair USA is recognizing PCC Greenlake for selling more fair-trade coffee (Equal Exchange brand) than any other grocery outlet in our area. Your choices make a difference. Thank you PCC members!

A message in a bottle

by Buffalo Mazzetti, "Water More Precious Than Gold"

Protecting water quality, sustaining local economies and encouraging grass-roots action makes "Water More Precious than Gold" more than just another bottled drinking water. It's part of an international movement to ban cyanide leach gold mining, with its roots in Washington State and the PCC membership. Most consumers do not realize the connection between water quality and gold production.

For mothers and memory

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

This month, two holidays allow us to acknowledge important people: our mothers and those who have passed on. Honor your mother with a gift in her name. Take her to the benefit concert! She'll love that you're saving farmland.


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