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News bites
Sound Consumer | April 2001

StarLink update

StarLink, the rogue variety of corn that ends up everywhere it shouldn't, has stayed in the news. It's producer, Aventis, has reached a settlement with the attorneys general of 17 states which calls on the company to pay somewhere between $100 million to $1 billion to farmers. After the settlement, further lawsuits by farmers against Aventis still will be possible. (Associated Press)

What goes around ...

Dan Glickman, who as Bill Clinton's Agriculture Secretary was a staunch biotech advocate, has been rewarded with a position at the influential lobbying firm Akin Gump. One of his responsibilities will be — you guessed it — biotechnology. (Washington Post)

Cooperating with schools

A nice development to report on "competitive" foods at schools. "Competitive" foods are those brought in by private vendors — the pizza, burgers, fries and soda pop sold outside the cafeterias. Many schools raise money by getting a percentage of the sales.

Recently, staff from Brier Terrace Middle School called PCC for help in replacing the soda pop in their vending machines with juices. We made a few calls and connected the school with our major supplier, Mt. People's Warehouse, and a vending company that will provide healthier choices. Now that's cooperation!

If your school wants to make a healthier choice, call Trudy at the PCC office, 206-547-1222.


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