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April 2001

Food Security

A slice of the global pie

by Carol Estes, Associate Editor Yes! Magazine, A Journal of Positive Futures

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, this cover story is not an easy story, but it's a real story and one with bearing on food, farming and community. It addresses many issues raised by members in letters and calls. Remember when we thought we could end world hunger? We were a younger people then — idealistic, confident. Fresh from victories in back-to-back world wars, we talked seriously about making the world a better place.

Mad cow disease and U.S. meat regulations

by Kathy Blackman, PCC Board Administrator

We've seen the news reports about mad cow disease in Europe. We've also heard government and industry assurances that it can't happen in this country. Numerous scientific studies and other public documents, however, point to a different conclusion. The available information suggests that a form of mad cow disease can happen in the United States and may be here already. PCC Natural Markets believes it's important to share this information with consumers.

PCC Community Grants

In the spirit of giving back to our communities, PCC annually sets aside a portion of its earnings to donate to local, community-based organizations. We're pleased to announce donations totaling $10,000 to community groups for the year 2000.

Betty Hughes' $45,000 challenge to PCC members

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

Betty Hughes will match every dollar PCC members give to the Fund with 50 cents of her own, up to a combined total of $45,000. Her campaign lasts through October. Also news about support from Badger Mountain Vineyard, and a Linda Waterfall benefit concert!