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Want to Join this Intentional Community and Farm Organically?

Sound Consumer | January 2001

Salt Creek Intentional Community (SCICom) shares the values of PCC —particularly concern for environmentally sustainable, healthful food production. Our vision of community is six to eight "families" willing to take responsibility to learn, communicate honestly, cooperate and adapt to create balanced, peaceful lives while restoring and then sustaining our natural environment on 55 acres of forest, creek and farmland.

We — Jerry, Marilyn, Jane, and Peter — chose the old Wasankari homestead (after looking at several Olympic Peninsula properties, including the place that the PCC Farmland Fund later secured for organic farming) because it had a productive salmon stream running through it, 40 woodland acres, 10 pasture-land acres that could be used for organic farming and five acres with existing buildings and room for another six residential units plus a common house. Such a rich environment is difficult to find on relatively small parcels.

Planned residential lots face a three-acre garden area from the north and south. A community building will overlook that garden, the homestead orchard and Salt Creek. Commercial forest land on two sides and rural zoning allow development of SCICom without the immediate threat of being engulfed in rural sprawl.

SCICom currently includes two families. We have room for six more residential shares. A preliminary cluster development has been approved, a waste system designed, an artesian well drilled and a community water system is being designed. We invite those who support our vision and who may be interested in visiting — perhaps joining — our evolving organic community to contact us at:

585 Wasankari Road, Port Angeles, WA 98363 Telephone: 360-928-3022
Jane Vanderhoof: Janevavan1@aol.com
Peter Vanderhoof: thenwhat@olypen.com