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March 2015

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Food & Mood

What you eat affects how you feel

by Marilyn Walls, M.S.

Nutrition is an important factor in emotional well-being. Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet overall is important, as is making sure we get enough of certain nutrients such as protein, B vitamins, choline, vitamin D, omega-3s, probiotics and more.

PCC hires new CEO

In January PCC announced the appointment of Cate Hardy as CEO.

New shelf labels

PCC recently launched a new shelf label system at our stores to make it easier for shoppers to identify attributes that matter to them. Now it's easier to identify foods that are organic, non-GMO, local, or gluten-free.

Cultured taste

Probiotic-rich foods

Cultured foods are having a moment. From artisan sauerkrauts to cultured cottage cheese to kombucha, eaters can't seem to get enough of foods teeming with good bacteria. We have probiotic-rich foods, drinks and supplements galore!

Recipes from the March 2015 issue

Healthy breakfasts to boost your mood

Eating a nutritious breakfast not long after waking is key to starting your day right. Fiber, probiotics, healthy omega-3 fats, and a range of nutrients in eggs, fruits and vegetables all are linked with a happy frame of mind. Here are five recipes to incorporate into your morning routine.

Healthy soil, healthful food

by Maura Rendes

Modern industrial agriculture practices have been impacting our once-rich belowground ecosystem since the early 20th century and we're just beginning to understand how it's affecting our health.

Chicken Soup Brigade: nourishing the chronically ill

PCC is happy to partner with the Chicken Soup Brigade, which improves the nutritional health of people living with chronic conditions and hunger in King County.

Letters to editor

Raw-milk cheese · Gluten-free in the deli? · Robots in the milking parlor · Temperatures for cooking oils · Whole vs. ground flax · Nut allergies · Vegan vitamin D

News bites

Soil-derived antibiotic without resistance? · Fast food, poor academics? · An avocado a day · BPA alternative linked to hyperactivity · Atlantic salmon in danger · Foie gras ban overturned · Washington dairy guilty · Neonicotinoid pesticides and slugs · Pesticides linked to diabetes

What's new in store for March

Come get local, organic kale raab — the tender, sweet flowering bolts of the kale plant, delicious raw or cooked. Also new: organic new-crop melons, watermelon, pears, Fava beans and Muscat grapes, plus grain-free granola, turmeric teas, and an exotic harissa paste to spice up a range of recipes.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Notice of annual membership meeting · Celebrating a new era of operational leadership · Board hires a new CEO · Next board meeting

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn about big investments in lucrative California nuts and "sustainable" aquaculture, why a California initiative is skyrocketing the price of eggs, and a possible alternative to using wild fish for fish feed.


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