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January 2015

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Saving the bees from pesticides linked to Colony Collapse

A growing body of research points to a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids as the main culprit causing CCD. Some cities and nations are banning neonics and garden retailers across the country are feeling pressure not to sell them.

Beneficial bone broth

Bone broth is incredibly nutritious, having a high concentration of minerals and amino acids aiding in a multitude of ailments, including boosting immunity. Follow easy instructions to make your own, or buy pre-made broth at PCC.

Recipes from the January 2015 issue

Easy noodle bowls

This time of year, few dishes hit the spot like a big bowl of steamy broth, filled with vegetables and a protein of choice.

Bringing back native shellfish

by Abra Bennett

The Olympia oyster, our only native coastal oyster, is being brought back from the brink. If you’re a fan of the tiny ostrea lurida, you may well have a local conservation group to thank for the fact that the intensely flavorful bivalve still is around.

GE Drought-tolerant corn?

Much ado about nothing

by Joel Preston Smith

Is Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn really more “drought tolerant” than traditional corn? And can GE crops really feed Africa?

Letters to editor

Healthful makeup at PCC · Driscoll’s berry boycott · BPA in food packaging · B vitamins · MSG and amino acids · Olive oil fraud · Olive oil from Palestine · Gift cards at registers

News bites

Teachers ban Coca-Cola · Tobacco farm child labor · Tumors from antibacterial products · GE crop Armyworms · Monsanto settles GE wheat lawsuits · FDA rejects aspartame ban · Comfort foods not effective? · Soda and aging · More sustainable palm oil · GE potato approved

What's new in store for January

Organic citrus is the star of our produce departments right now: try Murcott tangerines, Fremont tangerines and kumquats . Also don't miss vegan mac & cheese, coconut aminos teriyaki, Jacobs Creamery cheese and cultured butter and more.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board report · 2015 board slate · 2015 nominating committee slate · Support for advocacy

Your co-op community

Food bank packaging work parties · PCC Community Grant · Feeding your immune system · Woodland Park Zoo · Long Live the Kings wine event · Mister Rogers’ Sweater Drive · Kindiependent Rock Series · Blood drive · Verdant Community Wellness Center open house · PCC Cooks

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn about a recent rash of beehive thefts, what's happening in the Northwest cranberry and Peruvian maca industries, and what's causing the mysterious "starfish wasting disease."

Rice advisory

Consumer Reports scientists have released new guidelines to minimize exposure to arsenic in rice foods. The guidelines are particularly significant for pregnant and nursing women, and children.

Seward Park PCC sold

The sale of the Seward Park land and 7,200 square foot Seward Park building enables PCC to open its new 25,000 square foot Columbia City store.


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