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This week's top picks

four wines for all seasons

Four Finds for All Seasons

Goldilocks would’ve loved late May. Here in the upper left hand corner, it’s just about as “just right” as just right can be. Plenty warm, plenty cool. Enough light to stay out and play, enough darkness to catch a good snooze. The berries and all the fresh green goodness are on the way, the wild salmon is here, et cetera. All you need to round out a satisfying situation are plenty of tasty beverages (we can help with that). Here are a few favorites that are as easy to drink as they are to buy. Enjoy.

Félines – Jourdan Picpoul de Pinet — $11

An al fresco, warm weather white if ever there was one ! Racy, sleek, bordering-on-tangy fruit comes in a satiny wave, then finishes with a bright kiss of salt air-tinged citrus. Notes of starfruit, wild fennel frond, stones, cypress and a whiff of wild honey round out a glass of pure deliciousness. Think oysters, mussels, salads, paella, charcuterie, cheese, &c. There’s always a bottle or two of this in my fridge.

Ahtanum Ridge "Double R" Red Blend — $13.50

There's a big river in France, surrounded by vineyards that are famous for producing some of the most affordably delicious red wine on the planet. Here in Washington there are big rivers, too $mdash; and lovingly farmed vineyards that make wines like this one: bold strokes of dark cherry and raspberry fruit, dusted with notes of high lonesome dust and sage, riding tall in the saddle, thanks to firm acidity and grippy tannins. Sturdy, complete and well-balanced, it pings all the right places on your palate.

Ste. Marie des Crozes Corbières rouge "les Pipelettes" — $12.50

This’ll definitely be one of my summer "go-to" reds. Bold, but just right. Fresh, well-balanced and just plain easy to drink, its ruby-red, violet-tinged hues are a fitting introduction to fresh aromas of ripe red berries (tending toward raspberry) laced with notes of spice, and a reprise of the aforementioned violets. A sip offers vivid, generous flavors with plenty of sun-kissed fruit harmonized by zippy acidity and well-integrated tannins. Drink often, with friends and feasts.

Lost River "Salish Sea" white — $15

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: chenin blanc is the unsung hero of Washington white grapes. It plays a starring role in this year's edition of Salish Sea, with sauvignon blanc and pinot gris delivering nicely nuanced harmonies. Distinctively Washington aromas of savory wild brush accent tangerine fruit and citrus blossoms. That theme returns on the palate in a lush but focused texture of bright fruit flavors, underscored by cool minerality and zippy acidity. Stylish, sleek and oh-so easy to drink!

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