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Grenache, Félines-Minervois
Grenache, Félines-Minervois
Photo by Jeff Cox

The March of Autumn...

The times, they are a-changin'… again. September, the March of Autumn, seventh month of the Roman calendar, the time of the equinox, finding us poised halfway between darkness and light. September reaps the fruits that July and August ripened and hones our thirsts and appetites for a brand new season. Embrace and enjoy. Life is short, make every glass count!

Wines of the Month

Favorite Finds of the Season

Domaine Girard Malepère 2012$15
A marriage of two worlds, Malepère finds its roots at the edge of the Languedoc, while the wines are composed of Atlantic grapes—right bank stalwarts merlot and cabernet franc in this instance. It’s seductive wine, a fabric of red fruits, notes of brush and black pepper entwined with chords of dark, exotic spices. Abundant, but muscular with a firm mineral core, super balance and grip, this is a singular wine — and a lot of pleasure for the modest tariff.

Domaine de Cabrol Cabardès « Vent d’Ouest » 2008$16.50
This wine is one of my favorite finds of the year. Exotic, decadent, luscious but muscular, its weave of red and dark fruits is bold, but alluring, with a veil of exotic spice and earthy sensuality joining in a savage grace. Super balance and grip provide the framework for an enchanting texture of brazenly insouciant elegance.

Flavors: a Palette for Your Palate

An array of savors from around the planet.

Ontañon Maceración Carbónica$10
Until just recently, only available in Rioja, this old-school, local-style tempranillo is juicy, bright and bursting with ripe dark cherry flavors, highlighted with a lovely savory edge, that accents the long, generous finish. Arriving early September.

Medici Ermete "Quercioli" Lambrusco Rosato Secco$11.50
A joy, from the get to, beginning with pleasing, persistent aromas of berry fruit and violets to dry, vibrant flavors of ripe red fruits, to the lingering finish, where you’re left to decide which comes first, another sip or another bite? Arriving early September.

La Capra chenin blanc$10
White flowers, sweet ripe citrus and savory hints get the aromatic ball rolling, then resound on the palate, where crisp acidity makes the whole ensemble resonate.

La Capra sauvignon blanc$10
Take everything you love about racy, tart, New Zealand — style Sauvignon, add the stuff you love about Napa sauvignon — richness and plushness and the like — and you have something like this.

Pech Celeyran "Cuvée Ombline" rosé$11
A delightful burst of red fruit -raspberry, red cherry, red currant- is countered by a refreshing splash of blood orange and bright melon. This supple and spicy rosé is lovely as an apératif, great with dinner, too.

Pech Celeyran "Cuvée Ombline" rouge$11
Take the basic Bordelais trio of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and malbec, add a generous splash of syrah and season the whole with an unmistakeable Mediterranean accent and you have this gregarious, easy-to-like red. Aromas of ripe fruits yield the stage to red berries, a whirl of spices and a note of earth.

Borie de Maurel Minervois « Esprit d’Automne »$15
The hills of the Languedoc are a remarkable place — wild, untamed, and profoundly aromatic. That character is deliciously rendered in this blend of syrah, carignan and grenache, with its profusion of ripe, by dry red fruits and cherries accented by notes of graphite, black olives, wild herbs and earth. Arriving first week of Autumn!

Villa Garrel Rosé Côtes de Provence$12.75
The only thing more beautiful than this bottle is the wine inside it! This is classic Provençal rosé, from its pale color to the intense aromas of wild strawberries and rose hips. A perfect reason to drink rosé all year round! Arriving early September.

Chartreuse de Mougeres "Le Pèlerin"$11
This is a wine that's made to drink often, with just about everything, in any season. With notes of earth and wild brush accenting its abundant fruit, it wears its Mediterranean heart on its sleeve. Arriving early September.

Chartreuse de Mougeres « Perennité »$12.75
Serious stuff. The goods. Crazy southern french soul, in spades. Dark, brooding and as down to earth as it gets. A profound texture of profound red and purple fruits intrigues the palate with a kaleidoscope of nuances, while accents of spice, pepper and garrigues tell tales of where the wild things are. Arriving early September.

Champagne Delahaie Brut Premier NV$28.50
Excuse us for being less than modest, but we’ve outdone even our own standards with this lovely, lovely Champagne. Crisp, fresh aromas of perfectly ripe, green apple marry with notes of lemon curd and a note of yeasty, freshly-baked brioche. An extraordinary value! Arriving early September.

Achtember, Septober … Oktoberfest!

Left Hand Oktoberfest$11
No overnight sensation, this. Brewed in the Spring, then lovingly lagered to a marriage of malty goodness and spicy, crisp hops. A great reason to love September.

Pike « Harlot’s Harvest » Pumpkin Beer$6
Vivacious, voluptuous, vervaceous and just plain very danged good, HH is round and rich, bursting with notes of caramel and molasses, a heady whirl of flavors that are somewhere between a Belgian strong dark ale and pumpkin pie.

Full Sail LTD 7 Oktoberfest$7.75
Full Sail’s “LTD” series takes a curtain call with this fine dark amber lager. Its malty smoothness complemented by spicy hop character that’ll leave you both satisfied and wanting more.

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