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This month's top picks

catalonia on a budget

Catalonia, on a budget?

Our ship has come in (again), this time with astoundingly affordable wines from a 100-year-old winegrower’s cooperative in Catalonia. This quintet of 3 still wines and two sparklers from near the village of Solivella are all composed of traditional Catalan grape varieties, and offer clean, crisp expressions of both grape and sun – warmed, sea – breeze cooled region. All deliver serious pleasure for a very modest investment, while the two sparklers can make drinking quality bubbles an everyday affair. Molt deliciós!

Puig de Solivella Blanc — $8.50

Made of Catalunyan classics macabeu, parellada and xarel - lo, it opens with wafts of citrus, sea breeze and a hint of wild herbs, all of which resonate in tangy, dry flavors of citrus, peach and starfruit. Molt bé!

Puig de Solivella Rosat (trepat, garnatxa) — $8.50

Catalunyan native trepat lends itself deliciously to shades of pink (rosat), with aromas and flavors of ripe wild strawberry, cherry and a splash of citrus. Crisp and dry with a sassy tanginess and a long finish, this is great with charcuterie, piquant cheeses, fresh greens or all manner of fish or fowl.

Puig de Solivella Negre (tempranillo, garnatxa ) — $8.50

A wine nurtured by the Catalunyan sun, with vibrant aromas of dark, ripe berries accented with hints of wild brush and a waft of licorice. The palate picks up that theme and deepens the plot, with notes of ripe cherry, spice and firm acidity rounding out the picture. A great companion with everything from al fresco grilling to a cool - weather roast.

Puig de Solivella Cava Brut (macabeu, parellada) — $10

As bright as the Catalunyan sun, this zesty Cava is clean, crisp and packed with exuberant bubbles. Aromas and flavors of ripe citrus, white flowers and peaches are accented with lively acidity and the aforementioned veil of sparkle. Molt bé!

Puig de Solivella Cava Brut Rosat (trepat) — $10

Tangy cherry and strawberry flavors team up with a lively bubbles in this dry, delicious bottle of friendly fizz. Bright and crisp, the notes of just-ripe fruit are highlighted with a hint of dusty herb, making this a great companion to charcuterie, salads, shellfish — not to mention stand-alone sipping.

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