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Corvina, Veneto
Corvina, Veneto
Photo by Jeff Cox

Ahhh. Chtober! OK…To Beer! Autumn, too!

Autumn! What could be better — and more right on time? Late summer hangs like an ellipse, perfectly resolved with bursts of yellow and orange on the trees, the vapor of your breath a first testament to the falling temperature and that first, refreshing, overnight rain. And, right on cue, our thirst rummages back into the dormant, darker recesses of the palette of possibility. We can help with that. Our most recent ships have come in and there are plenty of exciting things to drink. Read on…

Wines of the Month

Two brilliant shades of Yakima Valley lusciousness!

Ahtanum Ridge Tempranillo Yakima Valley$12.75
We’re mighty pleased to present the newest addition to our palette of PCC – exclusive deliciousness, dreamed up and blended in collaboration with our friends at Naches Heights Vineyard. Think old world-style tempranillo, with its bold, bright, savory and dusty mineral-tinged dark cherry fruit. Add notes of distinctly Yakima Valley brush, gravel, freshness and generosity and you have this fetching, friendly wine. It’s lot of wine for the dough!

Naches Heights Albariño Yakima Valley$18.50
Great wine isn’t made, it’s grown — by farmers. Which explains why Naches Heights’ wines are consistently beautifully expressive of both grape variety and the vineyard – while being incredibly values for the quality they deliver. This is real albariño: sleek, racy and bright, with aromas and flavors of dry, perfectly ripe orchard fruit framed by notes of gravel, thistle flowers and citrus. This is gorgeous wine! Edmonds, Greenlake Village, Fremont, Issaquah and Redmond only.

Exuberant, eloquent, effervescent (fine fizz!)

Florence Duchêne Champagne Brut Tradition NV$35
We’re honored (and very fortunate) to offer the superb wines of this tiny, family-owned domain to Seattle. This is enchanting wine offers notes of honey and beeswax woven into fruit aromas of citrus, apple, pear and apricot pit […]. Gorgeous. Arrives early October.

Delahaie Champagne Brut Premier NV$28.50
Crisp, fresh aromas of perfectly ripe, green apple marry with notes of lemon curd and a note of yeasty, freshly-baked brioche. An extraordinary value! Arrives early October.

A rosé is a rosé…

Pink is a fine flavor in any season.

Villa Garrel Rosé Côtes de Provence$12.75
The only thing more beautiful than this bottle is the wine inside it! This is classic Provençal rosé, from its pale color to the intense aromas of wild strawberries and roses. Arrives early October.

Château Plaisance Rosé Fronton$12.50
From Southwest France, this lovely blend of negrette, syrah and gamay offers a shade of rosé that's a charming departure from its Languedoc neighbors. Arrives early October.

Félines – Jourdan Rosé Coteaux du Languedoc$9
Generous aromas and flavors of ripe, wild strawberries, watermelon, citrus peel, sea salt and fruit blossoms enchant the palate, perfectly balanced with bright acidity. Arrives early October.

Château de Valcombe “Fruit” rosé$10
Shades of rose petal set the stage for lovely wafts and savors of little red berries and soft rose petal. On the palate, it’s more of those luscious red fruits and a kiss of spice wrapped in a texture that’s crisp, light and silky. Arrives early October.

South by Southwest

Château de Valcombe “Fruit” blanc$10
Marsanne and Vermentino weave a tasty texture of white peach and exotic fresh fruits, with hints of citrus and litchi adding threads of brilliance and richness. Echoes of fruiot linger on the lively, fresh finish. Arrives early October.

Château de Valcombe “Fruit” rouge$10
The only thing more beautiful than this bottle is the wine inside it! This is classic Provençal rosé, from its pale color to the intense aromas of wild strawberries and rose hips. A perfect reason to drink rosé all year round! Arriving early September. Arrives early October.

Félines – Jourdan Picpoul de Pinet$11
This one is a sensory sketch of tis enchanting origins, racy and elegant at once, with soft aromas of salt air - tinged citrus and starfruit. Notes of wild fennel, stones and cypress add bright notes of complexity, while crisp acidity is a foil to honey - nuanced richness. Arrives early October.

Félines – Jourdan sauvignon Vin de Pays d’Oc$9
This is just about as pleasant a bottle of sauvignon as you could ask for. It’s all about bright, citrusy, grapefruit-tinged fruit, with local terroir adding hints of wild coastal herbs wafted on a gentle sea breeze. Arrives early October.

Félines – Jourdan grenache syrah Vin de Pays d’Oc$9
This is no Big Deal. But it is a great bottle of wine -- fresh, bursting with luscious cherry, raspberry, Mediterranean seashore herbs, pepper and spice. Easy to drink, amicable, well-balanced and a great value. Arrives early October.

Félines – Jourdan Coteaux du Languedoc Blanc$12
A bright streak of citrus-infused acidity illuminates the lush white peach, apricot and nectarine fruit, while a hint of wild herbs, orchard blossoms and sea salt dance in the breeze. Arrives early October.

Félines – Jourdan Coteaux du Languedoc Rouge$10
Charm. Elegance. Balance. Grace. Normally this ensemble of adjectives comes with a price, but in this instance humility plays the starring role. Nothing short of lovely! Arrives early October.

Château Plaisance “Grain de Folie” $11
Character and soul! This bold, but charmingly delicious wine is truly a "vin d’amis" -- a perfect companion to celebrating the company of friends. Arrives early October.

Château Plaisance Fronton Rouge$12.50
A walk on the wild side... Here’s a delicious, intriguing taste of the bold, earthy marriage of earth and fruit flavors that exemplify the wines of Southwest France. Arrives early October.

Chartreuse de Mougères « Le Pèlerin » Pays d’Oc Rouge$11
This is a wine that's made to drink often, with just about everything, in any season. With notes of earth and wild brush accenting its abundant fruit, it wears its Mediterranean heart on its sleeve. Arrives early October.

Chartreuse de Mougères « Pérennité » Pézenas Rouge$12.75
Serious stuff. The goods. Crazy southern french soul, in spades. Dark, brooding and as down to earth as it gets. Arrives early October.

Two Treats from the Languedoc

Ollieux Romanis “Atal Sia”$32
"Atal Sia" means "so be it" in Occitan. It expresses, in just three words the philosophy of this cuvée, a pure, authentic expression of its terroir. A blend of carignan, mourvedre, syrah and grenache delivers a profound texture of wild berries, streaked with notes of spices and cacao.

Domaine La Madura St. Chinian “Grand Vin”$29
Assertive, but elegant. Powerful but fresh. The wild, untamable essence of St. Chinian sings boldy, yet eloquently in this remarkably complex wine.

Dont’ Forget the Beer …

Left Hand Brewing “Black Jack” Porter$11
Darkness. If you can’t beat it, join it. And regale your palate with an alliance of espresso, dark chocolate and herbaceous hop notes. Hey Porter! Arrives early October.

Lagunitas Fresh Hop Pale Ale six pack$10
We haven’t even tasted this beer yet—but like, duh. Some things are easy: Lagunitas. Fresh. Hop. Pale. Step right up! Arrives early October.

Fremont Harvest Ale six pack cans$10
In just five short years, Fremont Brewing has become a force to be reckoned with. Beers like this are the reason. We reckon you’ll be mighty happy with this fine dose of autumnal hoppiness, a French farmhouse-style saison brewed with Northwest hops.

Full Sail Cascade Pilsner six pack$8.25
Light, bright, crisp and bursting with lively, perfectly balanced flavors. The carton boldly proclaims “ridiculously good.” We’re here to say it’s nothing but the truth. This is a danged fine, way good, beer for all seasons and reasons.

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