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August, Celilo Vineyard
August, Celilo Vineyard
Photo by Jeff Cox

Sirius Summer Sipping

The Dog Days just aren't what they used to be… The Romans are gone and Sirius hasn't risen with the sun in ages, thanks to the precession of the equinoxes. Meanwhile, here in Cascadia, the glorious, golden orb is high in the sky, salmon fill the streams, farms and orchards bear a season's bounty and vineyards from Applegate to Zillah swell with an entire season's accumulated warmth. Put another bottle of rosé in the ice bucket, open a cold one, pour a glass. It's good to be alive.

Wines of the Month

Domaine La Madura « Classic » Blanc Vin de Pays d’Oc$16.50
Unquestionably one of our perpetual favorites, this lovely sauvignon marries the structure and elegance of great white Bordeaux with the brightness of the Mediterranean south. Finely balanced notes of mandarin, lemon confit and verbena are accented by notes of passion fruit, ruby grapefruit and a whiff of saffron. The texture is round and satisfying, yet marked by a vivid freshness.

Domaine La Madura « Grand Vin » Rouge St. Chinian$25
Assertive, but elegant. Powerful but fresh. The wild, untamable essence of St. Chinian sings boldy, yet eloquently in this remarkably complex wine. A broad palette of aromas and flavors weaves around chords of red fruits and dark berries, with notes of cacao, garrigues and dark roast coffee bean in a voluptuous, but finely balanced, agile texture. Superb wine!

Midsummer Night's Drinks!

Parejas Cellars Albariño$13.50
Yakima meets Galicia. The result is generous fruit, zesty acidity, jasmine - tinged floral aromas, notes of citrus and stones, a kiss of wild brush and a texture that surfs the edge of lush and racy.

Cedergreen « Viola » Gamay Rosé$15
Gamay noir. Gregarious, charming, bursting with exuberant fruit. The source of some of the world's loveliest reds -- and raciest, most eclectic rosés. Enjoy this gem before it's all gone!

Domaine la Vallongue Rosé$16.50
There are rosés and there are rosés...but there’s truly nothing quite like Provençal rosé, and this one’s a beauty. But tasting is better than reading about it…why wait?

Domaine la Vallongue Rouge$13.50
A savory, satisfying alliance of fruit and terroir, this sturdy offers focused, firm flavors of bright cherries and blackcap raspberries, seasoned with notes of black pepper and heady garrigues.

Château Maylandie Corbières Blanc « Le Cabanon » $11
Sketches of the south, in cool tones of white. A nose of citrus blossoms, wafts of wild herbs, fennel flowers, kiwi and white nectarine.

Château Maylandie Corbières Rosé « Le Cabanon » $11
Dry, dry cherries, plums, a slice of watermelon and perhaps a splash of pink grapefruit. Tangy acidity surfs a wave of lusciously ripe, spicy fruit...

Château Maylandie Corbières Rouge « Le Cabanon » $11
Inky, almost electric purple foreshadows a current of garrigue-laced black cherries and wild raspberries. Generous aromas promise, then proceed to deliver dry, perfectly ripe flavors that speak the classic local dialect.

Georg Breur « Charm » riesling$13.75
Charm, indeed. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, this is a great way to find out why Germany sets the standard for dry riesling.. For those already in the know, here you go – enjoy an outstanding bottle at a great price. Arriving mid-August.

Eclectic, Exotic, Esoteric...

Edi Simcic Rebula “Rubikon”$21
Ribolla gialla changes its name at the border where Italy’s Friuli becomes Slovenia’s Brda region. The distinction is arbitrary, but the grape, the soils and the climate are the thing, rendering one of the loveliest white wines we know.

Edi Simcic Malvazija$33
Lush, but intense, amazing fruitiness wrapped around a minerally core. Tones of apricot and fresh peach woven with hints of Mediterranean brush, minerals and a salty note that leads to a dry, clean finish marked by dried apricot and mineral. Enchanting!

Statti Lamezia Blanco$12.75
One of just a few white wines made in one of Italy's most off-the-beaten path wine regions, this blend of greco and malvasia offers all the lush fruit you'd expect from Calabria, yet shows amazing freshness and vibrancy.

Statti Lamezia Rosso$12.75
Calabrian stalwart gaglioppo is the star in a blend that delivers lush dark cherry flavors, accented with notes of spice and savory herbs. Each sip begets another, and another...

Cunha Martins Tinto$12.50
A delicious, affordable introduction to the wines of the Dão region, with pristine, pure fruit flavors of red berries and black cherries that ride a cool clean foundation of granite stones. Arriving mid-August.

Cunha Martins Branco$12.50
Encruzado, bical and rabo de ovelha definitely aren't words or flavors that fall under the heading of "ordinary" for most of us. Which is all the more reason to pick up a bottle of this unique wine from Portugal's Dão region. Trust us… Arriving mid-August.

Cunha Martins Rosé$12.50
Fresh, spicy and elegant, this lovely bottle of pink is charming expression of one of tempranillo's myriad names -- tinto roriz in this instance -- and personalities. Arriving mid-August.

Beer o' the Month

Reuben’s Crikey IPA$5 / 22oz
About as tasty a West Coast IPA as a thirsty soul could ask for, an inviting glass of copper-colored ambrosia proceeds to delivery tantalizing tropical fruit, citrus and tangerine notes, wrapped around satisfying malt.

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