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PCC specials Effective 05/13/15 through 06/02/15

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Wine & Beer

Alois Lageder "Riff" pinot grigio $8.50 Add to list

Antech Blanquette de Limoux or Dolci Colline Prosecco $11.50 Add to list

Cono Sur carmenère – cabernet or sauvignon blanc $10.75 Add to list

House of Independent Producers cabernet, merlot or chardonnay $10.75 Add to list

Ninkasi 6 packs $8.50 Add to list

Pedroncelli zinfandel $12.75 Add to list

Sierra Nevada Brewing 6 packs $7.75 Add to list

Sleight of Hand “Renegade” chardonnay, rosé or red $9.50 Add to list

Trumer Pilsner 6 packs $8.00 Add to list


Note: Not all products are available at all stores; please contact your neighborhood PCC to determine availability.