PCC specials Effective 07/30/14 through 08/12/14

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Wine & Beer

Airfield “Runway” cabernet sauvignon or merlot $13.00 Add to list

Cascade Lakes 6 packs $7.75 Add to list

Cavatappi “Stimulus Package” or sangiovese $11.00 Add to list

Deschutes 6 packs $7.25 Add to list

Full Sail 6 packs $6.75 Add to list

Lost River “Western Red” $16.00 Add to list

Milbrandt “Traditions” pinot gris, chardonnay or riesling $9.00 Add to list

Renegade Red, Chardonnay and Rose $8.50 Add to list

Ryan Patrick “Redhead” Red or “Naked” chardonnay $7.50 Add to list


Note: Not all products are available at all stores; please contact your neighborhood PCC to determine availability.