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PCC specials Effective 01/28/15 through 02/10/15

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Wine & Beer

Alberti 154 Malbec $11.00 Add to list

Bridgeport six packs $7.75 Add to list

Cline "California" Syrah or "Sonoma" Zinfandel $10.00 Add to list

Elysian six packs $8.50 Add to list

House of Independent Producers chardonnay, merlot or cabernet sauvignon $10.00 Add to list

Lone Birch pinot gris or chardonnay $7.00 Add to list

Lost River Salish Sea White or Western Red $15.00 Add to list

Sierra Nevada six packs $7.75 Add to list

Yalumba "Y" Series viognier or syrah $10.00 Add to list


Note: Not all products are available at all stores; please contact your neighborhood PCC to determine availability.