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Pacific lingcod

ling cod

With its mildly sweet flavor and firm flesh, lingcod is a treasure of the sea. It's versatile in the kitchen and a delight on the plate, and you'll find delectable fillets in your local PCC seafood department in late spring.

Lingcod is native to the rocky shores of North American's Pacific coast and offers a taste and succulence similar to halibut — it cooks up white, sweet and delicious, a great addition to many a meal.

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Fresh from Alaskan waters

Our wild, flavorful lingcod is line-caught in the chilly waters off Alaska. Such careful fishing methods have helped the lingcod population bounce back from years of overfishing.

We're proud to offer sustainable choices in our seafood department as a retail partner of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

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