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Sweet, succulent navel oranges

There’s no better time than the chill of winter to savor bright, fresh navel oranges and incorporate them into your daily diet. Each fruit is refreshingly sweet and juicy, bursting with robust flavor. While most people eat oranges out of hand or sliced in wedges, they’re a versatile fruit, great for sweet and savory pairings and delicious on fish as a citrus marinade.

The plethora of health benefits packed into an orange makes them the perfect seasonal fruit, a natural way to boost your immune system through your diet. One navel provides 130 percent the daily value of vitamin C. Since vitamin C can’t be stored in your body, an orange a day just might help you keep colds away.

orange farmer

Meet our grower

Johansen Ranch, Orland, Calif.

Rich Johansen knows organic citrus, knows the rhythm of the love and care they require from blossom to harvest so that each tree bears the best fruit possible.

His ranch in Northern California has delivered Navel Oranges, Satsuma Mandarins, Blood Oranges, Meyer Lemons and other tree-ripened gems to PCC Natural Markets since the late 1980s.

The Johansen family has farmed in California since 1910 and has grown citrus in their sun-drenched orchards since the 1960s. Their high-quality fruit has since become a holiday tradition. Look for five-pound gift boxes of Satsumas and Clementines in December, as well as delicious Navel and Blood Oranges for everyday enjoyment. Read more »

From great relationships, great quality

PCC maintains close relationships with local and regional farmers to provide the best-tasting, freshest produce possible. More than 93 percent of produce sold by PCC is certified organic fruits and vegetables, grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. When organic varieties are not available or out of season, we offer high quality, non-organic produce. Learn more about the benefits of organics »

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