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Marvelous local organic melons

We're not the only ones basking in summer's heat. Local melons have soaked up that sun for weeks, storing up the sugars and juice that will delight our taste buds when it's time to crack them open.


You'll find organic local melons from Inaba Farms in Yakima, Wash. and from several of our Oregon-based growers, including black rind and yellow meat watermelons, honeydew, muskmelon, and galia (a lovely cantaloupe/honeydew hybrid). Learn how to select a ripe melon.

Melon in the kitchen

Melon lends a refreshing flavor to chilled summer soups, cooling beverages and desserts.

Lon Inaba.

Meet our melon growers

The Inaba family

Inaba Produce is a third generation family farm dug into the rich volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley. Many of the sustainable farming practices used today were started in 1907 when Shukichi Inaba and his brother came from Japan, cleared the land of sagebrush and with techniques learned in Japan, began cultivating crops.
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Watermelon know-how

  • Look for a symmetrical melon with bright skin.
  • Lift it to see if it feels heavy for its size. Pick up others to compare.
  • Slice it: learn slicing techniques with this Quick Bites video.
  • Eat it as soon as possible for maximum flavor!

From great relationships, great quality

PCC maintains close relationships with local and regional farmers to provide the best-tasting, freshest produce possible. More than 93 percent of produce sold by PCC is certified organic fruits and vegetables, grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. When organic varieties are not available or out of season, we offer high-quality, non-organic produce.

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