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Greens for every season


Eat your greens, the experts say. But which ones? And how should you enjoy them?

Luckily, we carry a wealth of fresh, local and organic leafy greens at your local PCC, bursting with nutrients and ready to contribute their texture and flavor to a host of delicious dishes. You'll find organic kale, chard, collards and more from the fields of our trusted growers. Each summer, look for local and organic greens from local growers Full Circle and Rent's Due Ranch.

Nutrients galore

Chock full of nutrients, including vitamins K, A, C, manganese, folate, calcium and even more, greens marry well with a variety of flavors to pair with nearly any cuisine.

Kale — This leafy green is a member of the Brassica family, a group of vegetables that include cabbage, collards and Brussels sprouts. Look for Lacinato (also known as Dinosaur) kale with its dark blue-green leaves, and ruffled, deep-green curly kale, with its stronger, peppery, pungent flavor.


Chard — Chard's leaves may be smooth or curly, depending on variety, with a thick, crunchy stalk in colors such as white, yellow, orange and red. It hails from the same family as beets and spinach. Swiss chard gets its name from the Swiss botanist who determined the plant's scientific name. Chard itself is native to the Mediterranean region.


Collards or collard greens — These greens share the Brassica family with kale and are a common element of Southern cuisine. Great in soups and stews.


Root vegetable tops — Many nutritious organic root vegetables, including beets, turnips, daikon radishes and carrots, feature greens that make a great addition atop a salad or in a soup, stew or stir-fry, or sauteed with a little olive oil and garlic. They're at their tastiest when tender and young. Rinse them well and enjoy!

Discover a multitude of ways to prepare your greens in our Recipe Database.

From great relationships, great quality

PCC maintains close relationships with local and regional farmers to provide the best-tasting, freshest produce possible. More than 93 percent of produce sold by PCC is certified organic fruits and vegetables, grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. When organic varieties are not available or out of season, we offer high quality, non-organic produce. Learn more about the benefits of organics »

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Mustard greens are leaves of the mustard plant (the source of the brown seeds used to make the condiment), and can have a crumpled or flat texture, with either toothed, scalloped, frilled or lacy edges.

Those leaves are high in vitamins K, A and C, plus folate. Enjoy young greens in salads, and add mature greens to soups, stews and stir-fries.


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