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Celebrate Organics!

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At PCC, we've supported the organic industry for decades through our close relationships with dozens of organic growers scattered across the Northwest — and beyond.

We're committed to providing the freshest, most flavorful organic choices in our markets whenever possible, from fruits and vegetables, to meat, dairy and grocery items like soup, juices, crackers, rice, pasta and more.

And as a certified organic retailer, we've strengthened our promise to preserve the organic integrity of the products we sell — from the grower to the shopper. To ensure our organic products are handled and stored correctly, we adhere to the strictest industry standards. So, you can be sure our organic groceries are pure, natural and delicious.

Smart choices for a healthier future

Choosing organically grown food shows your support for an industry that values purity, flavor and sustainable agriculture. Organic farmers in Washington state and around the world are helping to preserve the quality of our ecosystems and improve the health of our rural communities by growing food the way nature intended it to be grown.

The result? Naturally delicious, healthy food — free of harmful pesticides and chemicals — that tastes pure and flavorful.

Five reasons to buy organic

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  1. Organic food tastes pure and delicious because it is free of preservatives and additives.
  2. The organic industry supports small, family-owned farms and helps to promote healthy farmland.
  3. Organic growing methods keep chemicals out of our water supply and protect farm workers from coming into contact with harmful pesticides.
  4. When you buy organic, you help to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources.
  5. Because they are free of harmful pesticides, organically grown fruits and vegetables are exceptionally safe for children.

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