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Delectable ham


Rich and fragrant, ham can take center stage at a celebratory meal or play a supporting role in soups and at brunch, with its smoky depth harmonizing with leafy greens, beans, and eggs.

At PCC, we carry ham that's minimally processed and made from pork raised on vegetarian diets free from antibiotics and growth stimulants. Our ham selection varies throughout the year and by store, but includes Beeler's and Hempler. Look for sliced ham for sandwiches from Applegate Organic & Natural Meats.

Glazed ham recipes

From sweet and fruity to rich and spicy — or somewhere in-between — we've got a recipe for glaze to suit your menu.

Recipes for ham leftovers

The official source of the line "Eternity is two people and a ham" has been lost to history, so we can't argue with them about it. Instead, we offer plenty of suggestions for your leftovers that will keep you inspired. Try these five, or these!

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