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Take full advantage of our short-but-sweet Northwest summer with plenty of mouth-watering meals cooked on the grill. PCC offers so many delicious options, from pre-seasoned chicken kabobs to plump, juicy pork chops to local tofu ready to soak up a spicy marinade.

Topping your grill with PCC meats, poultry and other food means you're eating the best. You'll find grass-fed beef and lamb, organic poultry, pork raised on non-GMO feed, and plenty of all-natural meat alternatives.

Adventures on the grill

Savor summer (or any time of year) with our mouthwatering options. Check our grilling guide for tips and suggestions.

  • Steaks, short ribs and more — We offer many cuts of grass-fed, organic or all-natural beef, as well as juicy, pre-seasoned kebabs.
  • Hot dogs, sausage and brats — You'll find flavorful beef, chicken, pork and turkey options from Applegate Farms, Uli's Famous Sausage, Organic Prairie, Hempler's, our own PCC housemade brand and more. Learn more about PCC's sausage, bacon and other meats.
  • Hamburger patties — Our beef is ground fresh daily. Try crafting your next burger with grass-fed beef to enjoy higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. We offer convenient fresh or frozen hamburger patties as a time-saver. Or, take home some of our turkey burger patties or fresh-ground turkey for a flavorful option that's lower in fat.
  • Pastured lamb — Our Umpqua Valley Lamb chops are perfect for the grill. Try our freshly ground lamb in a decadent lamb burger. Or, make your own savory lamb souvlaki.
  • Fragrant pork — Enjoy fresh pork chops from Pure Country Pork, seasoned with honey, garlic, lemon juice and tamari, like in this tasty recipe.
  • Juicy chicken — Whip up a spice rub or pull out your favorite barbecue sauce and grill up some of our tender organic or free-range chicken.
  • Wild Alaskan salmon — Savor this Northwest delight with a variety of spice rubs, seasoned with rosemary and lemon or any which way you please. Great with cous cous or a quinoa salad.
  • Veggie dogs — Sample our tasty selection from Yves and Lightlife, as well as Tofurky's sausage, kielbasa and brats.
  • Don't forget the buns! — We sell several all-natural options, including hamburger and hot dog buns from Wheat Montana, The Bread Garden and more. Gluten-free options include Udi’s, Rudi’s, Flax4Life and Ener-G.

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