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cured meats.

Fresh, succulent sausage. Crisp, fragrant bacon. Spicy, flavorful chorizo. Their unbeatable flavor and alluring scents help make so many meals memorable. At PCC, we carry a mix of local and national brands that share our commitment to all-natural ingredients and high quality.

You'll find dozens of delicious options, from organic cocktail franks and sandwich meats to all-natural sausage, bacon and smoked ham. We do not carry meats processed with synthetic sodium nitrate. Instead, our processed meats are free of added hormones and antibiotics and are preserved with natural sources of nitrates, such as celery juice.

Bacon, sausage and sliced meats: our selection

There's lots to like in our meat department, where you'll find flavorful options to enjoy in soups, stews, sandwiches, on the grill and more.

PCC sausage — Sausage so good we put our name on it! Try our fresh, locally made bratwurst, our pork breakfast links, our range of delicious chicken sausage, our spicy chorizo and our turkey options.

Applegate Farms — Organic bacon, sliced prosciutto, turkey hot dogs, sliced turkey bologna, organic pork kielbasa, organic cocktail franks and more.

Garrett County Farms — Sliced Canadian-style bacon, thick-sliced bacon, chorizo sausage, turkey ham, sliced roast beef and more.

Hempler's Meats — Sliced ham, beef pepperoni, smoked bratwurst, spicy chicken sausage and sliced bacon from this local producer.

Diestel — Sliced oven-roasted turkey in a variety of seasonings, fresh ground turkey and more. Look for their delicious fresh whole turkeys during the holidays.

Uli's Famous Sausage — All-natural and locally crafted German Bratwurst, Spanish Chorizo and Cajun Andouille.

Cooking with sausage

Check our Recipe Database for great dishes that feature sausage.

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What makes great sausage?

At PCC we only carry sausages, hot dogs, cocktail franks and more from producers who use high-quality meats and spices and refrain from artificial ingredients.

We want every juicy, delicious bite to be free of antibiotics, artificial hormones and other additives we believe have no place in our meat department.

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