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PCC meat and poultry

Local, organic, grass-fed and grain-finished options

Quality you can taste

PCC staff puts thought and care into making your next meal delicious, nutritious and humane. Learn more about our quality standards for meat and poultry.

Visit our meat and poultry Producer Profiles to learn more about the ranchers we've chosen to supply our stores.

Explore our range of tender, flavorful options. Then, find plenty of cooking inspiration inside our PCC Recipe Database!


Organic, grass-fed and all-natural options

You'll find grass-fed, certified-organic and range-grazed/grain-finished beef in our meat department in a variety of cuts; all are free of antibiotics and added hormones. Our ground beef is ground daily at our stores for maximum freshness and flavor.

Look for: Grass-fed and certified organic grass-fed beef from SunFed Ranch, and antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed meat from Country Natural Beef.

Chicken and turkey

Choose organic or free-range, all antibiotic-free

PCC's chicken and turkey selection is raised on vegetarian diets free of antibiotics and free-range with outdoor access.

Our PCC Organic chicken is raised just a short drive from our stores on farms throughout the Skagit Valley by Mount Vernon, Wash.-based Draper Valley Farms. The chickens are cage-free, housed in open-air barns with natural daylight, fresh air and 24-hour access to fresh, clean water and feed. They consume a certified-organic vegetarian diet of GMO-free corn, soy and vitamins.

Our "Ranger" free-range chicken also is locally raised by Draper Valley's farmers. Like their organic brethren, U.S.-grown corn and soy are the two primary sources of protein and energy for these flocks.

Diestel Turkey Ranch supplies our turkey. This family-owned ranch in California's Sierra foothills raises free-range, vegetarian-fed poultry. Diestel also raises certified-organic turkeys that carry the "Heidi's Hens" label and organic heirloom birds.


Grown in Washington on GMO-free feed

Our fresh pork is humanely raised with access to the outdoors by Paul and Karrie Klingeman of Pure Country Pork in Ephrata, Wash. The hogs are raised on a GMO-free diet and raised free of antibiotics and artificial hormones.


Grass-fed from the emerald hills of Oregon

Umpqua Valley Lamb is our source for fresh, locally raised lamb. The cooperative of ranchers from southwest Oregon pastures its lambs year-round on fields that remain green even in January. This natural diet of fresh grass, sweet clover, and alfalfa provides a mild-flavored meat.

Sausage, bacon, cold cuts and breakfast meats

Free of synthetic nitrates, antibiotics and added hormones

We hold our breakfast meats to the same standards as the rest of our meat and poultry selection. You'll find bacon from Applegate Farms, smoked bratwurst from Hempler's, and our very own fresh PCC sausage.

All PCC hot dogs, sausages, sliced lunch meats, ham and bacon are cured with naturally derived nitrates, such as celery juice.

Frozen meats and poultry

Convenient and easy

Each PCC store carries a different selection of frozen meats. Options can include ground bison, ground turkey, rabbit, and chicken and duck breasts. Call ahead for selection.

Natural Express

Delicious, quality meals made simple

Enjoy a healthy and delicious gourmet meal in minutes with PCC Natural Express pre-seasoned meat, poultry and seafood. Located in PCC's fresh meat cases, our ready-to-cook entrées feature seasonings such as lemon pepper, kalbi and tandoori.

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