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Shelf labels

We launched a shelf label system in June 2014 in our Greenlake Village store; you'll soon be able to find it in every location. Over 60 percent of our labeled products have at least one of the attributes, so you’ll be seeing a lot of these tags! Products may display just one color, but could show all four. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what the different colors mean at PCC.



A product with a green "Organic" tag has been certified organic according to National Organic Program/USDA standards. At least 95 percent of the ingredients are certified by a third-party agent to be organic.



There are two ways a product can earn a blue "Non-GMO" tag. The first option is to be USDA Certified Organic, since organic standards prohibit genetic engineering. The second option is to be Non-GMO Project Verified, which certifies that testing and best practices are used to avoid GMOs.



Products showing a purple "Local" tag are grown or produced in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or southern British Columbia. This region covers the area most commonly defined as the Pacific Northwest, and the one we’re lucky enough to call home.

gluten free

Gluten Free

If a product’s packaging claims that it’s gluten-free, you’ll find an orange tag. This encompasses products where you might traditionally expect to find gluten, like crackers, as well as packaged products that are naturally gluten-free. The FDA allows manufacturers to label their products gluten-free if they contain 20 parts per million or lower.

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