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Maintain healthy sinuses

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Whether you suffer from allergies, are prone to sinusitis or sinus infections, or simply want to maintain healthy sinuses during cold and flu season, we have a variety of products to help keep your nasal passages clean and moisturized.

A simple rinse with warm water through the use of a neti pot can be extremely effective, and saline-based nasal sprays are a good solution when you're on the go.

Effective solutions

Neti pots

The use of a neti pot is a time-honored tradition in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used for thousands of years. It's an easy way to help cleanse, refresh and protect the nasal passages, which are one of our body's first lines of defense against illness.

With a neti pot, you flush gentle, warm water — usually with the addition of salts, oil or strained tea — through the sinuses, which removes excess mucous and debris, such as pollen, pollutants, dust, mold and more. We carry ceramic and plastic neti pots, from the Himalayan Institute, Ancient Secrets, Baraka and Red Hot Ceramics.

Nasal sprays

Our nasal sprays use a variety of all-natural ingredients to provide relief to irritated nasal passages. Xlear Nasal Spray uses xylitol to help keep sinuses moist, while Naturade Nasal Spray uses a formula that includes soothing aloe and natural herbal extracts like slippery elm, marshmallow and fenugreek. Nutribiotic Nasal Spray uses grapefruit seed extract as a main ingredient to help protect the sinuses.

The Himalayan Institute also offers a Neti Stik Aromatherapy Inhaler which contains an energizing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and lavender essential oils and fits easily into your pocket or purse for quick relief.

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Four reasons to use a neti pot

  1. Soothes dry nasal passages.
  2. Gently washes away dust, pollen, and environmental irritants.
  3. Offsets the effects of breathing dry indoor air (especially in winter).
  4. Removes excess mucous.

*Info from the Himalayan Institute

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