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Brand Product Category PLU
PCC Deli Vegetables With Ranch Dressing Condiments & Sauces 7979
PCC Deli Butternut Squash Risotto Cakes Entrees & Sides 2837
PCC Deli Roasted Vegetables Entrees & Sides 6444
PCC Deli Root Vegetable Cakes Entrees & Sides 8264
PCC Deli Vegetarian Lasagna Entrees & Sides 1104
PCC Deli Veggie Pot Pie 5 inch Entrees & Sides 5854
PCC Deli Zucchini Fritters Entrees & Sides 2719
PCC Deli Butternut Squash Manicotti Hot Self-Serve Bar 1158
PCC Deli Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit Hot Self-Serve Bar 7524
PCC Deli Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit with Bacon and Cheese Hot Self-Serve Bar 7523
PCC Deli Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit with Ham and Cheese Hot Self-Serve Bar 7522
PCC Deli Cheddar Breakfast Biscuit with Sausage and Cheese Hot Self-Serve Bar 7521
PCC Deli Chilean Squash Casserole Hot Self-Serve Bar 6786
PCC Deli Curried Tempeh Hot Self-Serve Bar 7156
PCC Deli Maple Glazed Sweet Potato and Apple Bake Hot Self-Serve Bar 6530
PCC Deli Pipian Veggie Enchiladas Hot Self-Serve Bar 8868
PCC Deli Roasted Root Vegetables Hot Self-Serve Bar 1354
PCC Deli Roasted Squash Hot Self-Serve Bar 7145
PCC Deli Roasted Vegetables Hot Self-Serve Bar 6317
PCC Deli Sauteed Baby Greens Hot Self-Serve Bar 2397
PCC Deli Seafood Green Curry Hot Self-Serve Bar 3488
PCC Deli Southeast Asian Tempeh Hot Self-Serve Bar 1154
PCC Deli Spicy Gingered Collards Hot Self-Serve Bar 1176
PCC Deli Spinach Red Pepper Quiche Hot Self-Serve Bar 6795
PCC Deli Steph's Tofu Rama Hot Self-Serve Bar 2387
PCC Deli Sweet and Sour Chicken Hot Self-Serve Bar 1922
PCC Deli Vegan Hash Hot Self-Serve Bar 4636
PCC Deli Vegan Sprouted Mung Bean Stir Fry Hot Self-Serve Bar 8861
PCC Deli Vegetable Curry Hot Self-Serve Bar 6742
PCC Deli Vegetable Frittata Hot Self-Serve Bar 5515
PCC Deli Vegetable Stew Hot Self-Serve Bar 2036
PCC Deli Vegetarian Lasagna Hot Self-Serve Bar 5816
PCC Deli Yo-Yos Roasted Yams Hot Self-Serve Bar 5843
PCC Deli Arame Coleslaw Salads 1261
PCC Deli Artichoke and Greens Salad Salads 2342
PCC Deli Coconut Mashed Yams Salads 6545
PCC Deli Coleslaw Salads 1233
PCC Deli Collard Slaw Salads 5922
PCC Deli Emerald City Salad Salads 2349
PCC Deli Hearty Greens Caesar Salad Salads 5749
PCC Deli Maple Cranberry Wild Rice Salads 5319
PCC Deli Marinated Chick Peas and Chard Salads 4466
PCC Deli Mashed Yams and Goat Cheese Salads 5212
PCC Deli Methow Valley Salad Salads 7608
PCC Deli Moroccan Yam Salad Salads 7511
PCC Deli Pumpkin Ravioli Salads 4845
PCC Deli Rainbow Salad Salads 7959
PCC Deli Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Salads 4077
PCC Deli Roasted Winter Squash Salads 5164
PCC Deli Roasted Winter Vegetables Salads 2374
PCC Deli Roasted Yam and Kale Salad Salads 2089
PCC Deli Sesame Snap Peas Salads 4278
PCC Deli Sprouted Mung Bean Stir Fry Salads 2880
PCC Deli Tuscan Ravioli Salad Salads 4062
PCC Deli Winter Farro Salad Salads 7801
PCC Deli Asian Salad with Chicken Salads: Green 'To Go' 4662
PCC Deli Caesar Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 2624
PCC Deli Caesar Salad with Chicken Salads: Green 'To Go' 2625
PCC Deli Casa Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 3007
PCC Deli Chef Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 4659
PCC Deli Chop Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 2028
PCC Deli Chop Salad, Large Salads: Green 'To Go' 6096
PCC Deli Gorgonzola Organic Wild Greens Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 4664
PCC Deli Greek Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 4667
PCC Deli Grilled Salmon Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 2967
PCC Deli House Green Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 4666
PCC Deli Romaine Gorgonzola Hazelnut Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 4665
PCC Deli Spinach and Bacon Salad Salads: Green 'To Go' 4661
PCC Deli Tuna Salad with Organic Wild Greens Salads: Green 'To Go' 4645
PCC Deli Baja Bagel Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2384
PCC Deli Beet and Chevre Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 3136
PCC Deli Blackened Tempeh Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1584
PCC Deli Chicken Pesto Prov Togo Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4791
PCC Deli Chicken Quesadilla Flatbread Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2964
PCC Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2906
PCC Deli Deluxe Cheeseburger Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2905
PCC Deli Field Roast and Pepperjack Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4815
PCC Deli Field Roast Banh Mi Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2615
PCC Deli Grilled Chicken Pesto Provolone Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6291
PCC Deli Ham and Havarti Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4608
PCC Deli Ham and Swiss on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1719
PCC Deli Ham and Swiss Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1383
PCC Deli Italian Grinder Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7657
PCC Deli Italian Submarine Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2631
PCC Deli Mozzarella Caprese Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4317
PCC Deli PCC Beef Burger On Udi's Bun Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2381
PCC Deli PCC Cheeseburger on Gluten Free Bun Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7946
PCC Deli Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1427
PCC Deli Roast Beef and Pepperjack Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1428
PCC Deli Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Flatbread Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 5419
PCC Deli Steak Banh Mi Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7609
PCC Deli Tandoori Chicken Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1601
PCC Deli Tandoori Chicken Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6534
PCC Deli Tandoori Tofu Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1614
PCC Deli Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7611
PCC Deli Tofu Salad Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6859
PCC Deli Tuna Melt Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4654
PCC Deli Turkey & Ham Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4799
PCC Deli Turkey & Provolone Flatbread Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4882
PCC Deli Turkey and Havarti Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1405
PCC Deli Turkey and Swiss Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4796
PCC Deli Turkey Caesar Collard Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7618
PCC Deli Turkey Caesar Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4314
PCC Deli Turkey Cheddar Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1367
PCC Deli Turkey Cheddar Sandwich on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1716
PCC Deli Turkey Havarti Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6289
PCC Deli Turkey Havarti Sandwich on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1717
PCC Deli Vegan BLT Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1404
PCC Deli Vegan Grinder Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7648
PCC Deli Vegan Hazelnut Cutlet Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7121
PCC Deli Veggie Collard Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7621
PCC Deli Veggie Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4311
PCC Deli Beef Vegetable Soup Soup 5874
PCC Deli Black Eyed Peas with Kale Soup 7283
PCC Deli Bombay Potato Soup Soup 5878
PCC Deli Carrot Orange Soup Soup 5879
PCC Deli Chicken Tortilla Soup Soup 5085
PCC Deli Chili Con Carne Soup 4856
PCC Deli Chili Mexicano Soup 7501
PCC Deli Cream Of Broccoli Soup 5259
PCC Deli Curried Coconut Lentil Soup Soup 5913
PCC Deli Curried Lentil Sweet Potato Soup Soup 5453
PCC Deli Moroccan Lentil Soup Soup 5889
PCC Deli Potato Leek Soup Soup 4406
PCC Deli Quinoa Chowder Soup 4496
PCC Deli Sweet Potato Risotto Chowder Soup 5898
PCC Deli Thai Tomato Soup Soup 5632
PCC Deli Tomato Cabbage Soup Soup 5899
PCC Deli Tomato Dill Soup Soup 4414
PCC Deli Vegetable Soup Soup 5402
PCC Deli Vegetarian Chili Soup 5902
PCC Deli Yam and Tortilla Soup Soup 5604
PCC Deli Yellow Split Pea Soup Soup 4417
PCC Deli Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Risotto Take & Bake 2878
PCC Deli Maple Glazed Sweet Potato and Apple Bake Take & Bake 7252
PCC Deli Vegetarian Lasagna Take & Bake 3053
PCC Deli Curried Tempeh Tofu & Tempeh 1255
PCC Deli Southeast Asian Tempeh Tofu & Tempeh 2314
PCC Deli Spicy Tofu and Spelt Tofu & Tempeh 4465

Note: This database includes nutritionally verified dishes created by the PCC Deli (hence, it does not include occasional items such as daily specials). As a seasonal grocer, please remember that not every dish listed is available year-round. Also, not all items are available at all stores, as each PCC Deli offers a seasonal selection tailored to its shoppers. Please call ahead to your neighborhood PCC Deli to determine availability.

If you have questions or comments, please email nutrition@pccsea.com.

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  • High fiber: 2.5g or more fiber per serving
  • High protein: 10g protein, with 40% or more total kcal from protein
  • Low sodium: 140 mg or less sodium per serving
  • Low fat: 5 grams or less total fat per serving
  • Low saturated fat: 2 grams or less saturated fat per serving
  • Low calories: 120kcal or less per serving
  • Cholesterol free: 0mg cholesterol
  • Nutrient dense: 25% or more of any 2 of the 4 micronutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron)
  • Whole grain: Made with 100% whole grains
  • Cruciferous vegetable: One of the first 3 ingredients is a cruciferous vegetable, such as cabbage, broccoli, or kale