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Brand Product Category PLU
PCC Deli Avocado Tomato Spelt Sandwch Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4586
PCC Deli Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1352
PCC Deli Baja Bagel Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2384
PCC Deli Beet and Chevre Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 3136
PCC Deli Blackened Tempeh Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1584
PCC Deli Chicken Pesto Prov Togo Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4791
PCC Deli Chicken Quesadilla Flatbread Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2964
PCC Deli Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1088
PCC Deli Chicken Salad Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1384
PCC Deli Classic Reuben Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 3272
PCC Deli Club Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4283
PCC Deli Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4878
PCC Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2906
PCC Deli Deluxe Cheeseburger Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2905
PCC Deli Egg Salad Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1301
PCC Deli Eiffel Baguette Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1603
PCC Deli El Cubano Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1589
PCC Deli Field Roast and Pepperjack Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4815
PCC Deli Field Roast Banh Mi Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2615
PCC Deli Grilled Chicken Pesto Provolone Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6291
PCC Deli Ham & Havarti Croissant, with lettuce and tomato Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4609
PCC Deli Ham And Brie Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2157
PCC Deli Ham and Havarti Croissant, plain Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6819
PCC Deli Ham and Havarti Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4608
PCC Deli Ham and Swiss on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1719
PCC Deli Ham and Swiss Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1383
PCC Deli Italian Grinder Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7657
PCC Deli Italian Submarine Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2631
PCC Deli Mini Caprese Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7337
PCC Deli Mozzarella Caprese Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4317
PCC Deli PCC Beef Burger On Udi's Bun Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 2381
PCC Deli PCC Cheeseburger on Gluten Free Bun Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7946
PCC Deli Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1427
PCC Deli Roast Beef and Pepperjack Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1428
PCC Deli Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Flatbread Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 5419
PCC Deli Smoked Turkey Picante Submarine Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7514
PCC Deli Southwest Ciabatta Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1611
PCC Deli Steak Banh Mi Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7609
PCC Deli Tandoori Chicken Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1601
PCC Deli Tandoori Chicken Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6534
PCC Deli Tandoori Tofu Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1614
PCC Deli Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7611
PCC Deli Tofu Salad Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6859
PCC Deli Tuna Cheddar Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7410
PCC Deli Tuna Melt Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4654
PCC Deli Tuna Salad Croissant Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1089
PCC Deli Tuna Salad Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1402
PCC Deli Tuna Salad Sandwich on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1714
PCC Deli Turkey & Ham Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4799
PCC Deli Turkey & Provolone Flatbread Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4882
PCC Deli Turkey and Havarti Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1405
PCC Deli Turkey and Swiss Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4796
PCC Deli Turkey Bacon Avocado Club Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6455
PCC Deli Turkey Bacon Avocado Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7416
PCC Deli Turkey Caesar Collard Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7618
PCC Deli Turkey Caesar Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4314
PCC Deli Turkey Cheddar Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1367
PCC Deli Turkey Cheddar Sandwich on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1716
PCC Deli Turkey Havarti Panini Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 6289
PCC Deli Turkey Havarti Sandwich on GF Bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1717
PCC Deli Vegan BLT Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1404
PCC Deli Vegan Club Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1353
PCC Deli Vegan Grinder Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7648
PCC Deli Vegan Hazelnut Cutlet Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7121
PCC Deli Veggie and Havarti Sandwich Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 3091
PCC Deli Veggie and Havarti Sandwich on GF bread Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 1857
PCC Deli Veggie Collard Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 7621
PCC Deli Veggie Wrap Sandwiches/Burgers/Wraps 4311

Note: This database includes nutritionally verified dishes created by the PCC Deli (hence, it does not include occasional items such as daily specials). As a seasonal grocer, please remember that not every dish listed is available year-round. Also, not all items are available at all stores, as each PCC Deli offers a seasonal selection tailored to its shoppers. Please call ahead to your neighborhood PCC Deli to determine availability.

If you have questions or comments, please email nutrition@pccsea.com.

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  • High fiber: 2.5g or more fiber per serving
  • High protein: 10g protein, with 40% or more total kcal from protein
  • Low sodium: 140 mg or less sodium per serving
  • Low fat: 5 grams or less total fat per serving
  • Low saturated fat: 2 grams or less saturated fat per serving
  • Low calories: 120kcal or less per serving
  • Cholesterol free: 0mg cholesterol
  • Nutrient dense: 25% or more of any 2 of the 4 micronutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron)
  • Whole grain: Made with 100% whole grains
  • Cruciferous vegetable: One of the first 3 ingredients is a cruciferous vegetable, such as cabbage, broccoli, or kale