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Brand Product Category PLU
PCC Deli Beef Taquitos Entrees & Sides 7953
PCC Deli Black Bean and Corn Enchilada Entrees & Sides 3913
PCC Deli Broccoli and Cheese Risotto Cakes Entrees & Sides 6620
PCC Deli Butternut Squash Risotto Cakes Entrees & Sides 2837
PCC Deli Chalupe Entrees & Sides 1093
PCC Deli Cheese Tortellini with Marinara Sauce Entrees & Sides 4693
PCC Deli Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas Entrees & Sides 2328
PCC Deli Chicken Pot Pie Entrees & Sides 5521
PCC Deli Chicken Pot Pie 5 inch Entrees & Sides 5831
PCC Deli Chicken Taquitos Entrees & Sides 1063
PCC Deli Chipotle Burrito Entrees & Sides 5459
PCC Deli Chipotle Salmon Cakes Entrees & Sides 7339
PCC Deli Deviled Eggs 6 ct Entrees & Sides 7302
PCC Deli Luscious Layers Entrees & Sides 1914
PCC Deli Macaroni and Cheese Entrees & Sides 1131
PCC Deli Mushroom Polenta Torte Entrees & Sides 4124
PCC Deli Parmesan Chicken Fingers with Marinara Entrees & Sides 8084
PCC Deli Roasted Mushroom Risotto Cakes Entrees & Sides 6621
PCC Deli Roasted Vegetables Entrees & Sides 6444
PCC Deli Root Vegetable Cakes Entrees & Sides 8264
PCC Deli Southwest Corn Pudding Entrees & Sides 1266
PCC Deli Spicy Chicken Thighs & Rice Entrees & Sides 4676
PCC Deli Sprouted Wheat Chalupe Entrees & Sides 7911
PCC Deli Steph's Tofu with Indonesian Rice Entrees & Sides 6066
PCC Deli Stir-fried Tempeh with Rice and Kale Entrees & Sides 4646
PCC Deli Superfood Yogurt Parfait with Seasonal Berries Entrees & Sides 3286
PCC Deli Turkey Loaf with California Potato Salad Entrees & Sides 6070
PCC Deli Turkey Meatloaf and Roasted Vegetables Entrees & Sides 6448
PCC Deli Turkey Pot Pie Entrees & Sides 1763
PCC Deli Turkey Pot Pie 5 inch Entrees & Sides 1762
PCC Deli Vegetarian Lasagna Entrees & Sides 1104
PCC Deli Veggie Pot Pie 5 inch Entrees & Sides 5854
PCC Deli Yogurt Parfait with Seasonal Berries Entrees & Sides 8625
PCC Deli Zucchini Fritters Entrees & Sides 2719

Note: This database includes nutritionally verified dishes created by the PCC Deli (hence, it does not include occasional items such as daily specials). As a seasonal grocer, please remember that not every dish listed is available year-round. Also, not all items are available at all stores, as each PCC Deli offers a seasonal selection tailored to its shoppers. Please call ahead to your neighborhood PCC Deli to determine availability.

If you have questions or comments, please email nutrition@pccsea.com.

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  • High fiber: 2.5g or more fiber per serving
  • High protein: 10g protein, with 40% or more total kcal from protein
  • Low sodium: 140 mg or less sodium per serving
  • Low fat: 5 grams or less total fat per serving
  • Low saturated fat: 2 grams or less saturated fat per serving
  • Low calories: 120kcal or less per serving
  • Cholesterol free: 0mg cholesterol
  • Nutrient dense: 25% or more of any 2 of the 4 micronutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron)
  • Whole grain: Made with 100% whole grains
  • Cruciferous vegetable: One of the first 3 ingredients is a cruciferous vegetable, such as cabbage, broccoli, or kale