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A sustainable baking legacy

At PCC, we love knowing who grows and makes our food just as much as you. We love knowing each fresh loaf we carry from The Essential Baking Company has been warmed by the hands of artisan bakers on its way to our tables.

Essential bread sold at PCC

The Northwest is blessed with many quality bread bakeries. What sets Essential Baking apart are its efforts to craft sustainable breads and baked treats. Its Seattle-based bakery is certified organic. Each of its loaves is baked with an abundance of organic and local ingredients, including local rosemary. And founder George DePasquale wouldn’t have it any other way.

“They know when they’re loved and they know when you’re having a bad day,” DePasquale said of his breads, which he and his team of bakers coax into Essential’s trademark tastes and textures.

Love those loaves

Essential delivers a variety of breads to your neighborhood PCC each day. Here’s what to do with some of the more unique loaves you’ll find.

  • Mille Grane — This crunchy, flavorful bread is great with hearty soup, smeared with rich butter from our dairy case (try Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter) or in sandwiches.
  • Honey Orange Rosette — Corn meal and orange zest create a loaf tasty to tear apart on its own, at breakfast as French toast or as part of a memorable turkey sandwich.
  • Olive — Peppered with green Atalanti and black kalamata olives and lightly scented with thyme and rosemary. Enjoy on its own or with a gin martini.
  • Rosemary Diamante — Made with semolina flour and extra-virgin olive oil, this rich loaf pairs well with seafood, poultry, stews and artisan cheeses, and is perfect in this recipe for a Caprese Sandwich.

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