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Chocolate delights at PCC


Whether your taste buds crave chocolate that's light and creamy or dark and dreamy, you'll find it at PCC. Our sweets range from dainty (locally crafted truffles and caramels) to whimsical (peanut butter cups) to bars of simply satisfying, deep, dark chocolate.

Our chocolate treats have an added benefit — the rich cacao they're made of adheres to fair trade standards, meaning it was produced sustainably by workers who were treated and paid fairly. PCC sells chocolate only from vendors that provide assurance that child slave labor is prohibited and follow International Labor Organization (ILO) Fundamental Conventions. These include strict prohibitions against child slave labor, as well as provisions about age, working conditions and fair wages for all workers. Many of our chocolates are organic as well.

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Sweeten your life

Locally crafted, certified Fair Trade organic goodness — Treat your discerning taste buds to Theo Chocolate's range of exotic and fun flavors, made locally in Fremont. They also make tasty Peanut Butter Cups, available in either milk or dark versions, both of which use local favorite CBs Nuts peanut butter.


Confections and candy bars Fran's award-winning chocolate-covered, salted caramels are world famous. If you'd prefer something without chocolate, try Seattle's own Jonboy Caramels, made with such an abundance of butter their texture is perfectly, delectably creamy. If it's classic candy bars that you crave, explore our selection from Amy's, made with organic ingredients and featuring creamy nougat, crunchy toffee and chewy caramel.

Truffles and more — We carry truffles from Seattle chocolatier Dilettante Chocolates, plus delectable bite-sized treats from Seattle Chocolates and four incredibly creamy flavors from Alter Eco Chocolate.

Bars galore — Browse our grocery shelves for tempting, all-natural chocolate choices from Dagoba, Blanxart, Endangered Species Chocolate, Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate, Divine Chocolate and Alter Eco Chocolate. We also have stevia-sweetened bars from Lilly and Cavalier, and raw chocolate from Raw Cha Cha, made in Bellingham.


Feeling saucy? — We carry Fran's delicious caramel, chocolate or raspberry sauces, locally produced and just right for topping your next sundae or swirling atop a plate of hot brownies. Or, check out Hot Cakes delicious sauces. They're made in Ballard and are terrific on your favorite ice cream or on Hot Cakes' own Molten Chocolate Cakes ( available in some locations).

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