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Oils, syrups and sauces in bulk

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Rather than having to deal with a new bottle every time you purchase more olive oil, maple syrup or soy sauce, consider buying your liquids in our bulk department. These products are sold at a lower cost per ounce than pre-packaged products making them a great value. You're not paying for packaging and you're making a lighter impact on the environment. You can bring in your own container or purchase one that can be reused over and over.

To assure freshness of our bulk liquids, they are stored in hydrogen-infused containers to prevent spoilage from exposure to oxygen.

Liquids you'll find in bulk

Cooking oils

  • Canola is a great all-purpose oil, and the least saturated of all culinary oils. It's particularly good for baking and sautéing.
  • Olive oil is high in antioxidants and is best for dipping and used in dressings and marinades.

Soy sauces

  • San-J tamari is made with mostly soybeans and a small amount of wheat. Their organic wheat-free tamari is made with 100 percent soybeans and no wheat.
  • Shoyu (Japanese for soy sauce) uses more wheat in relation to soybeans. San-J uses unprocessed sea salt or Great Lakes salt in its sauces. Store soy sauces in glass, not plastic.


  • Grade B maple syrup, a good all-purpose syrup for cooking and for the table, is dark and rich in maple taste. Our bulk maple syrup is produced by Coombs Family Farms, a seventh generation family farm that is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable forestry. Refrigerate to prevent crystallization, mold and fermentation.
  • Our bulk honey is Pacific Northwest Clover, sourced from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

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Did you know?

If oil or fat smokes in the pan the temperature is too high for that oil. Not only can flavor be altered but potentially cancer-causing properties can form.

Unrefined olive oil has an extremely low smoke point compared to other oils meaning it's not the best for high-heat cooking.

If you haven't experimented much with alternative oils, coconut oil may be a great place to start.

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