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Perfect your breakfast in bulk


Breakfast in bed. Three little words that connote love and luxury. This Mother's Day, look to our bulk department for all the details that will take Mom's breakfast to the next level.

Our bulk department offers ingredients galore available in just the amount you need, from steel-cut oats to DuChilly hazelnuts to crystalized ginger. Or use our fresh spices to enhance eggs, potatoes, fruit and other breakfast favorites.

Jump-start your morning

Step up your morning routine with any of these small, yet tasty, additions.

  • For hot cereal — The options are boundless. Top with more than a dozen varieties of nuts (for a change, toast them briefly in the oven on a cookie sheet to maximize flavor and crunch, then chop coarsely). Stir in fresh fruit from our produce department, or visit our Grocery Aisles for small bags of currants, raisins or our tangy and tart dried cranberries (tip: plump them first with a quick dunk in hot water). Go the extra mile and make delicious steel-cut oats from scratch — we have those in bulk, too!
  • For pancakes and waffles — Buy our rich, pure maple syrup in bulk and put the money you save toward other treats, like nuts, coconut flakes and dried fruit. Grind your own fresh peanut or almond butter and slather it in your next crepe. Add a touch of chocolate nuttiness by coarsely chopping a handful of our cocoa-covered almonds for a topping or filling.
  • For eggs or potatoes — Spruce up these weekend standbys with a pinch of our fresh-ground spices and dried culinary herbs, such as thyme, tarragon, chili powder, paprika and rosemary. Buy a pinch or two to test them out, then stock up on your favorites. That's the beauty of bulk.
  • Great granola — Choose from our many enticing granola blends, from Aunt Maple's Crunch to Coconut Almond, tasty on its own or layered in a pretty glass with yogurt and fresh fruit for a parfait. Or, make your own with this recipe and the ingredients you'll find in bulk.

*Selection varies by store.

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Don't forget what's in your cup

Find a new favorite — brew several types of our bulk teas and have a tea tasting over breakfast.

Stuck in a coffee rut? Try a different blend in our bulk section to jazz up your weekend. We also suggest adding ground cinnamon to your grounds before brewing for a delightful twist.

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