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PCC's made-from-scratch granola


Crisp, crumbly, perfect: we're talking about two delicious housemade granolas and tasty granola bites made fresh by the PCC Bakery for your snacking pleasure. All our granolas are oil-free with organic rolled oats and other nutritious, wholesome ingredients.

Enjoy stirred into your favorite yogurt, with milk, in one of our yogurt parfaits, or any way you like. Find granola options like Honey Almond and Superfoods on the bakery shelves at your local PCC.

PCC energy bars

PCC Energy Bars

Packed with organic fruit, nuts and grains, they’ll keep you going strong.

  • Our Kasha Energy Bar includes toasted buckwheat and rice bran with tahini, almond butter, organic dates and is sweetened with organic maple syrup.
  • Our Harvest Fruit and Nut Bar is made with apricots, cranberries and pumpkin seeds and walnuts and is sweetened with brown rice syrup.

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