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Nash's Organic Produce

Nash Huber

Producer Profile

Grower: Nash Huber

Located in: Sequim, Wash.

Supplying PCC since: 1994

Supplies PCC with: Fresh, local and organic carrots, leeks, parsnips and more. Nash's carrots are so sweet, they've been dubbed "carrot candy" and are a consistent Kid Picks favorite.

Saving organic farmland, forever: The Delta Farm, where Nash grows much of his organic produce, was the first farm preserved for future generations by the PCC Farmland Trust, an independent, non-profit land trust.

Location, location, location: Nash has high praise for the alluvial soil of the Dungeness River Delta. It's flat and sandy, laid down over centuries of flooding, and drains easily. It's also rich in minerals and biological matter, essential to healthy crops.

Vibrant organic produce from the Olympic Peninsula

Nash Huber and his “farm family” work more than 200 acres of rich, organic “black gold” soil in the Dungeness River Delta, on the north Olympic Peninsula.

Famous for their carrots, called by fans “carrot candy” because of their exceptionally sweet flavor, Nash and his crew also provide PCC with chard, cauliflower, bok choy, spinach, cabbage, beets and leeks.

carrot field

Nash’s warnings about rapid residential development in the fertile Sequim Valley prompted PCC to create the PCC Farmland Fund in 1999 (now called PCC Farmland Trust). Donors to the Fund, an independent, non-profit land trust, rescued the 100-acre Delta Farm in 2001 and leased it to Nash for training of the next generation of organic farmers.

“We have to be able to see past the next two or three years,” Nash says. “We have to focus on the land to preserve it for the young people.”

During his decades of farming the same landscape, Nash has stepped up to an activist role in his county’s growth management and protective zoning for agricultural resource lands. He initiated regular community meetings about the loss of farmland, and opened his farm to the public for a “Farm Day” in 1996. This event was so popular that now, as Western Washington Harvest Celebration Day, it is observed in 12 counties.

farm tour

In 2002 Provender Alliance presented the Organic Carrot Award to “Nash Huber: A visionary, looking beyond seven generations, and a charismatic teacher of what is best for the land and all its beings, including us.”

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