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Uli's Famous Sausage

Uli Lengenberg

Producer Profile

Producers: Uli Lengenberg

Located in: Seattle

Supplying PCC since: 2009

A sausage-making tradition: Uli Lengenberg, the man (and mustache) behind Uli's Famous Sausage, hails from Westphalia, Germany, an area known locally as "sausage country."

On knowing when it's right: "When you eat food your whole life and you grow up around food, you know what smells good and you know when it's the right smell."

Uli's fans: Beyond PCC, you'll find Uli's sausages served at CenturyLink and Safeco fields and at local restaurants including Palomino, Steelhead Diner and SkyCity atop the Space Needle.

Recipes from the old country

“It’s a lot of fun to do what you do if it makes people smile,” says Uli Lengenberg, whose trademark handlebar mustache gets him recognized throughout Pike Place Market, home to his namesake sausage shop. “When people smile I say ‘See, the sausage is talking, not me.’”

A love of good food runs in the family, and a taste for sausage is part of Uli’s German heritage. Uli’s parents owned a country inn and restaurant where Uli learned to cook helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. He later apprenticed with butchers and graduated from butcher school in Heidelberg. In 1988 he followed friends to restaurant work in Taipei, where he met his wife, Jean. He opened shop in Seattle, Jean's hometown, in 2000, realizing he could contribute something delicious to the local dining scene.

Uli prides himself on crafting sausage from time tested recipes that live up to both Germany’s high standards and America’s growing love for slow food, free of coloring agents and preservatives (except where safety dictates). Look for Uli’s fresh, locally crafted German Bratwurst, Spanish Chorizo and Cajun Andouille at your neighborhood PCC.

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