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Richard Hempler and Co.

Producer Profile

Producers: Richard Hempler and Co.

Located in: Ferndale, Wash.

Supplying PCC since: 1981

Nitrite-free: Hempler's No Nitrite all-beef products are made with naturally raised Country Natural Beef. They are free of gluten and MSG and seasoned with all-natural spices.

All in the family: Hempler's recipes date back to the 1800s and the Hempler family sausage kitchen in Borken, Germany, where Hans Hempler worked in the family sausage business. He brought those recipes to the Northwest when he started his local cured meats business in the 1930s.

Locally cured meats, since 1934

From mouth-watering corned beef to sizzling breakfast bacon and sausage, we're proud to carry high-quality cured meats from Hempler's, a local producer since 1934.

The Hempler's history dates back to the 1800s in Borken, Germany. Founder Hans Hempler worked in his family's sausage business as a youngster. He carried those traditions (and, lucky for us, his family's old secret recipes) to the United States, and the company, now under the supervision of his son, still uses them today.

Hempler's uses the finest raw ingredients available. Its No-Nitrite beef products are made with Country Natural Beef, which is free of antibiotics and added hormones and fed an all-vegetarian diet. Hempler's also uses old-fashioned natural casings and spices that are free of gluten, including ground mustard, paprika and onion powder. Taste the difference!