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North American Bison Cooperative

A cooperative of bison ranchers

Producer Profile

Ranchers: A cooperative of bison ranchers

Located in: The rolling plains of the Dakotas

Supplying PCC since: the 2000s

What you'll find at PCC: Lean, delicious ground bison in our frozen foods case. Our bison is ranch raised, free of growth hormones and stimulants, and fed a diet free of animal byproducts.

A tasty beef alternative: With a slightly sweeter and richer flavor yet with a quarter of the fat, bison (commonly known as buffalo) is the beef lover’s answer to a healthier diet. It’s flavorful and much leaner than beef, with 30 percent fewer calories. It’s also an excellent source of protein, iron and B vitamins.

We love co-ops: The North American Bison Cooperative formed in 1993 and counts 330-member ranches from the United States and Canada. The co-op uses a state-of-the-art processing facility in Fargo that is both USDA and EU approved for bison and beef processing.

A North American tradition

Since 1993, the 330 member ranches of the North American Bison Cooperative have raised bison on the great plains of North Dakota and Canada, amid the grasses and grazeland their forebears once trod.

NABC bison thrive on natural, free-range grazing, with a brief introduction to grain for tenderness. Each herd member is free of antibiotics and added hormones. Each can be traced back to its ranch of birth.

The cooperative is vertically integrated, a fancy way of saying that it's in control of each step of the process to ensure consistency, high quality and humane standards, from birth to processing. The latter occurs at a state-of-the-art facility in Fargo, N.D. whose standards have been approved by both the USDA and the European Union.

The NABC is dedicated to responsible ranching, humane treatment and support of the bison industry so that we may all enjoy the flavor and health benefits of this uniquely American meat.

Bison substitutes nicely for beef in many dishes, from pot roast to burgers to stir-fry.

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