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Meet our ranchers and producers

At PCC, we're proud to offer flavorful, high-quality meat and poultry, nearly all from range-grazed or free-range animals, raised naturally without the addition of antibiotics, artificial hormones, stimulants or animal byproducts. The biggest difference in what we offer is the pure flavor that makes it shine in all of your favorite meals.

We hope you enjoy meeting some of the men and women who raise and produce our meats.

Country Natural Beef

From high mountain meadows to thick aspen groves and miles of sagebrush-filled flats and canyons, Country Natural Beef cattle live in beautiful places.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

The Diestel family raises the delectable turkey you'll find at Thanksgiving and every day in our deli sandwiches and wraps.


Locally produced hams, sausages and more, crafted in the Hempler family tradition.

Pure Country Pork

Pure Country Pork is the first meat vendor in the United States to enroll in the Non-GMO Project.

Uli's Famous Sausage

Fresh from Seattle's Pike Place Market, Uli Lengenberg makes delicious sausage in the German tradition.

Umpqua Valley Lamb

Tender and delicious pasture-raised lamb from the emerald hills of Oregon's Umpqua Valley.

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As our meat merchandiser, Sven White and his team of specialists ensure that each and every cut of beef, pork, chicken or lamb you take home from PCC is as fresh, wholesome and sustainably raised as can be.

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