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Floundering at the seafood case? How to choose and eat wisely

Liz Carr, MES Washington Department of Health, Office of Enviromental Health Assessments, Olympia


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Liz Carr, MES, coordinates the Fish Advisories Program at the WA Department of Health, Office of Environmental Health Assessments, developing best practices for issuing recreational and commercial fish advisories. With seventeen years of experience managing marine related scientific research projects, environmental and public health programs, she is interested in the intersection of advocacy, policy and program development. Previously, she worked for non-governmental organizations in the areas of ecological economics and Antarctic research and for the state as a fisheries biologist. Her most recent project the Healthy Fish Choices Grocery Store Project was highlighted in Perspectives UC Berkeley's Health Research for Action as a successful model to help shoppers choose fish with lower contaminants. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and a Masters in Environmental Studies.

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