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From around the world to just around the corner, we purchase products from producers and suppliers who share our concern for the health of people and our planet. We also support and partner with like-minded businesses, government agencies, and community and industry non-profit organizations.

Together these relationships help us meet our standards and sourcing criteria, advocate for the consumer, and operate our business with respect for human life and natural resources.

We highlight some of these relationships in our stores, at PCC-sponsored events, and through our printed and electronic communications. Other relationships are more behind-the-scenes. Each brings something important to the PCC shopping experience and help create a more sustainable future for our neighborhoods, region and the world.

The company we keep

Some companies and organizations we work with that are raising the bar for responsible use of natural resources and for equitable social policies are:

Clif Bar is known for delicious, all-natural energy bars. They also actively support environmental organizations through the 1% for the Planet program, encourage employee volunteerism, and have practices in place to reduce their climate footprint.

Nature's Path uses ingredients from organic farms in their cereals, toaster pastries and other products. Reduced packaging and the donation of one percent of sales from their EnviroKidz product line to children's education programs and species and habitat conservation are among this company's sustainable initiatives.

Draper Valley Farms supplies our delicious locally raised "Ranger" all-natural, free-range chickens. Until mid-2009, their packaged chickens were delivered to our stores in cardboard boxes. Switching to 100 percent recyclable RPCs (reusable plastic containers) for shipping has reduced cardboard waste by more than 11,400 pounds annually.

Organic Valley, a family-owned cooperative, produces certified organic dairy products, orange juice, meat and other products. Organic Valley's path to sustainability includes water stewardship, humane treatment of animals, and community giving, among other environmentally and socially responsible initiatives.

Sierra Brewing Company incorporates innovative waste recycling and water reduction practices into its production processes. This California-based brewery also takes care of most of its energy needs on-site, notably through one of the largest private solar array installations in the country.

Lundberg Family Farms produces organic rice and rice products using sustainable agricultural practices. The company was a founding member of Green-e, an independent certification and verification agency for renewable energy credits (RECs).

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I really have a huge problem with the way so many foods reach consumers today, full of preservatives to make them last forever — but in many ways contributing to health problems. — Kurt Beecher Dammeier, Producer of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

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