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At PCC, the breathing is easy.

Indoor air quality can be as bad — sometimes even worse — than outdoor air polluted by smog, smoke and vehicle emissions. We believe that clean, fresh air in our stores is as important in creating an enjoyable shopping experience as our healthy products and helpful customer service.

Contributing to the very breathable air inside our stores are products free of artificial fragrances; a no-fragrance policy for staff; mechanical systems that provide positively pressurized, filtered fresh air year-round; and the use of natural, non-toxic cleaning products. In addition, only formaldehyde-free paint and finishes, with very low VOCs, are used in our stores.


Outdoor air quality concerns us, too. We encourage our employees to leave their cars behind, at least occasionally, and commute to work using alternative methods of transportation. Significantly discounted ORCA passes are available to staff, as well as annual "Bike to Work" promotions.

Our waste management practices prevent air and water pollutants that would otherwise be generated in landfills. Landscaped areas outside of our stores are strictly pesticide-free, avoiding the harmful release of VOCs into the atmosphere.

We purchase green power — electricity generated from renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and bio mass — at a level of 25 percent overall, reducing the pollution generated from fossil fuels.

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