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Community outreach is anything but a one-way proposition at PCC. At its core is a network of people, programs and practices that support and contribute to the vitality of the neighborhoods we serve.

Our community interactions take many forms and almost always involve partnership, food and fun. Our shoppers support them through volunteering, cash and food donations and recycling books, clothes and household items, and take pride in knowing that when they choose to shop at PCC they are also helping their communities.

Some of our most successful outreach programs follow. Learn about all of our community efforts and consider sharing your time and talents as a volunteer.

  • PCC Food Bank. We use cash contributions from shoppers to purchase healthy, bulk foods at wholesale prices. Volunteers enjoy participating in repackaging work parties, after which the smaller food portions are distributed to hungry neighbors through PCC's food bank partners. The program is able to buy even more food because most PCC shoppers elect to have the 5-cents per bag rebate they're offered when they bring their own bags to shop distributed equally for the benefit of this program and the PCC Farmland Trust.
  • PCC Scrip. Local, educational and grassroots nonprofit organizations purchase PCC Scrip cards or key tags at 95 percent of full value. The purchasing groups then sell the cards or key tags at full value to supporters to use when shopping at PCC. The organizations earn five percent of the full value from the sale of the cards immediately. Cards can be recharged with more value at any time.
  • PCC Kid Picks. This unique product sampling program allows kids to discover for themselves that natural and organic foods taste great. During lively taste tests, hosted in our stores or on our traveling PCC Kid Picks Mobile, kid "judges" vote on whether they like products they try or not. Products that are liked by at least two-thirds of our judges are flagged in our stores with a bright orange PCC Kid Picks logo, making it easy for parents to identify foods that a majority of children like to eat.

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