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Classroom assistant guidelines for PCC Cooks

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to work in our teaching program. When volunteering, we ask that you:

  • Possess a Washington State Food Handler's Permit.
  • Follow all food handling guidelines suggested by the Department of Health especially the guideline that requires everyone handling food to wash hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water and repeat this process after using the restroom, blowing your nose, touching your face or hair, or handling potentially unclean items.
  • Wear disposable gloves if you are handling ready-to-eat foods, wear nail polish or choose to leave a wedding or engagement ring on while assisting. All other jewelry on the hands and forearms should be removed while assisting.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Wear the PCC Cooks apron provided by the instructor.
  • Wear closed shoes if possible.

The duties performed while assisting an instructor vary somewhat from class to class but here are some general guidelines:

Before the class:

  • The instructor will contact you a few days before the class to prearrange a time for you to be at the classroom. That is a good time to get a sense of what the menu will be like and to bring up questions or special needs you may have. Please call the PCC Cooks desk if you haven't heard from the instructor one working day before the class at 545-7112.
  • Arrive at the classroom at the pre-arranged time prior to class to help prep food and set up the room. Give yourself a few minutes to snoop around and get your bearings on where things are in the kitchen.
  • Wipe down counters and tables with all-purpose cleaner or Sudsation and water. Rinse with plain water. Then spray with the bleach solution and let it sit for 30 seconds before wiping it off.
  • Set out recipe packets and evaluation forms for each student. It's also a good idea to set out serving utensils, dishes, mugs, tea, hot water, pitchers of cold water, etc, as the instructor desires.
  • Communication is the key to a successful relationship between instructor and assistant. Please discuss in detail exactly what the instructor would like you to do to be most helpful before and during class.
  • Look over the classroom tip sheet (in the green packet). There is one for each classroom that explains particular idiosyncrasies, equipment use and proper protocol for disposing of bar towels and clean-up.
  • Offer to greet people and show them where to sign in on the class roster.

During the class:

  • Observe the instructor during class and try to anticipate what might be needed. An example would be to see that the instructor is finishing with a bowl and spoon and be ready to take it away to the sink to wash. We know it can be like a circus behind the counter, but keep your antenna up for communication from the instructor.
  • Help serve samples. Check with the instructor regarding particulars.
  • Wash dishes as needed, unless instructor requests otherwise.

After the class:

  • Remain after class to help clean up and get the classroom ready for the next class.
  • Please use the PCC approved cleaning products in the kitchen; Sudsation for hand-washing dishes and all-purpose cleaner or Sudsation and water for cleaning all surfaces. Rinse with plain water. Finish by spraying and wiping with bleach solution on counters and cutting boards; do not rinse!
  • Rinse jars or cans well before putting in the recycling bins.
  • Wash out sinks with cleaner, rinse well, and empty sink traps.
  • Please fill out your blue class assistant evaluation form. This is where we get all of our best feedback about how classes and classrooms are going. Note any supplies we may need or problems we need to fix. If you prefer to mail your form in, that is AOK with us. Feel free to call PCC Cooks anytime to give us feedback.
  • Turn off dishwasher, run self cleaning cycle, remove and clean filters and leave dishwasher door open to air dry. Directions are posted on the front of the dishwasher.

If an emergency occurs and you cannot honor this commitment:

  • Notify the PCC Cooks desk at 206-545-7112 with as much lead time as possible. We cannot leave instructors without proper help.

A hearty thank you for your interest in working with us as a class assistant. You are a key ingredient to making the PCC Cooks Menu a delicious success!


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