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Your best friends (and you!)

Denotes a hands-on PCC Cooks class.
Authentic Italian Pizza

Iole Aguero

Naples is the birthplace of both Iole and the best pizza on Earth, so it’s natural that the two come together in this class. Iole will walk you through the steps to making her perfected homemade crust as you work together to prepare Pizza Margherita with basil, tomatoes and olive oil drizzle; Classic Pepperoni Pizza; Spring Vegetable Pizza; and Gorgonzola Pizza with Pears and Walnuts. Meat optional, with dairy; no eggs.

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Denotes a hands-on PCC Cooks class.
Russian Dumplings

Irina Vodonos

Irina learned from her mother and grandmother in Moscow how to make dumplings, one of Russia’s most popular dishes. We’ll start by making an easy dough to prepare two varieties of dumpling: Pelmeni (filled with beef and pork) and Vareniki (filled with mushroom and onion). We’ll also make lamb-filled Buuz, or Pozy, the ethnic Buryat specialty dish that’s a cousin to momos (Tibetan steamed dumplings) and popular near the Russian-Mongolian border. Served with a crisp, refreshing Radish, Egg and Scallion Salad, you’ll see how satisfying Russian cuisine can be. With meat, dairy and eggs.

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