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Denotes a hands-on PCC Cooks class.
Kitchen Chemistry

Cam Zarcone

For ages 10 to 12, without adult accompaniment. Ever wonder what makes cakes fluffy? What exactly is yeast is and why does it make bread rise? What’s going on when you whip up egg whites and they magically expand? We’ll investigate these mysteries and learn some fundamental culinary techniques and basic chemistry along the way. Young kitchen scientists will make observations as they bake Cupcakes, Hot Buttered Pretzels, and Meringue Stars. Vegetarian with dairy and eggs.

Members: $35, Non-members: $40

  • Saturday, Sep 6, 3-5pm. Greenlake Village
  • Saturday, Sep 13, 3-5pm. Redmond
  • Saturday, Sep 27, 3-5pm. West Seattle
  • Saturday, Oct 4, 3-5pm. Edmonds
  • Sunday, Oct 19, 1-3pm. Issaquah
  • Sunday, Oct 26, 1-3pm. Issaquah


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