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Winter Nights in Siberia

Irina Vodonos

Siberia “enjoys” between six and nine months of frigid temperatures, depending on the specific region. If you were a typical Siberian family, what would you eat for dinner on one of those cold nights? It might be Rassolnik (barley, beef and tangy pickle soup) and Pelmeni (small dumplings filled with juicy ground pork and beef). In true Siberian style, you will finish the meal with a cup of tea with a little something sweet such as Sukhariki, the Russian version of a twice-baked biscotti with walnuts and raisins. With meat, dairy and eggs. Class size limited to 16.

Members: $45, Non-members: $50

  • Saturday Jan 11, 3-5:30pm. Edmonds
  • Sunday Jan 12, 10am-12:30pm. Greenlake Aurora
  • Saturday Jan 25, 3-5:30pm. West Seattle
  • Sunday Jan 26, 1-3:30pm. Issaquah
  • Saturday Feb 1, 3-5:30pm. Redmond


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